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TN Politicians Breaking Law

You know, one they passed.

A while back, TN’s congressmonkies passed a law banning smoking in the workplace and before that they banned smoking in state buildings. But for them, not so much:

The I-Team has discovered that some state lawmakers may not be abiding by a law meant to affect all Tennessee residents.

Everyone, including the thousands of state workers in Nashville, have to walk outside to specified areas if they should want to smoke.

State law prohibits smoking inside state buildings, but for those who want to skirt the law and know the right people, there’s a room upstairs for them.

And our local Blount County boy is allegedly in on the law-breaking:

According to an I-Team report, those who want to get around the smoking ban inside Legislative Plaza need to know state Rep. Joe McCord, R-Maryville, and if they’re really connected, they will be invited back to a room set up for smoking.

2 Responses to “TN Politicians Breaking Law”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Come on, you know laws are only for us commoners to obey.

  2. Rabbit Says:

    Hospitals have been mandated ‘non-smoking facilities’ for what, 20 years or more now? I worked in a hospital once where the surgical lounge, behind one door from the OR, with flammable anesthetics in use, was the smoking room.

    Doctors are ‘only ones’, too.

    One couldn’t touch any surface in there without coming away sticky. Passing through the room left residue on your clothes.