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May 30, 2008

More ATF Woes

Continuing their record of stellar performance.

Oops, sorry:

The director of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has written to U.S. Rep. Bill Sali to say he’s sorry about the way the agency handled the Idaho Republican’s inquiry into a training slogan.

Last week, Sali accused ATF of offering misleading accounts of how the federal agency ended its use of the “Always Think Forfeiture” training slogan, which had angered some Second Amendment activists who thought it reflected a bias against law-abiding gun owners.

“I apologize for any confusion our response may have caused you or your staff,” wrote Michael Sullivan, the acting director of the agency, adding that he hoped his letter would give “a clearer picture of the sequence of events surrounding this issue.”

The dispute began when Sali claimed credit for ATF’s decision to stop engraving “Always Think Forfeiture” on Leatherman pocket tools handed out to trainees. But the bureau had already decided in March to stop using the phrase after other members of Congress complained.

Oh, we were just confused that the term Always Think Forfeiture meant, uh, Always Think Forfeiture. Glad that’s cleared up.

Via David, who says: Honesty is not something you should have to hope for. It’s something honorable men and women demand of themselves.

More anti-gun astroturf

This time, they’re bringing in the God squad!

I hopped over there to check out the reasoned discoursetm. This post on the idolatry of the gun is amusing. It’s not amusing because of all the bearing false witness with statements like representatives refuse to regulate guns as consumer products, which I guess is like sinning for the cause, eh, reverend? It’s because she says that the gun seduces with false power and teases with illusive security. And that is particularly amusing when it’s her sort that believe these idols cause death and mayhem all by themselves. These evil idols cause evil all by themselves! Guns are the devil!!!!

I wonder if the good reverend can exorcise the evil spirits out of guns?

Update: Speaking of anti-gun reverends

Update 2: She has exorcised her blog post: Down the memory hole!

AWB push

Count the lies and misrepresentations at CBS news.

Let’s see:

Did not ban possession

Actually, The National Institute of Justice could not “clearly credit the ban with any of the nation’s recent drop in gun violence.”

I possess several weapons that look like assault weapons and I pose a danger to no one.

Hey, teachers, leave those kids alone

Fourth grader in MA suspended for taking empty shell casing to school. It was a memorial day souvenir.

Gun Porn




BTW, are the Democrats embarrassed yet?

Give it up

Sebastian is correct, most people don’t really care about the whole gay cooties issue. KAG, noting everything happening today, can’t believe that the one issue some people pick is gay marriage.

Quote of the Day

In a post about Barack Hanson Obama’s book that Kevin is reading so I don’t have to spit hopechangefaith allover myself, comes this wonderful quote from Scalia:

What in the world is a ‘moderate interpretation’ of the text? Halfway between what it really says and what you want it to say?

New and improved Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership Blog

Now, with twice the propaganda and ten times the Reasoned Discoursetm!

Chicks and guns

Breda goes to the range.

Akins Update

The Akins folks have filed a second lawsuit in their case.

Holy Crap!

The Boston Globe has a piece on may issue concealed carry being onerous. No, really:

Gun owners are complaining that local police chiefs have too much leeway in considering applications for the state’s concealed weapons license, creating a frustrating patchwork of gun regulations that vary from town to town.

In a letter to the state attorney general’s office, gun owners say that police chiefs throw up roadblocks that are unnecessary, and possibly illegal, for gun owners to obtain a Class A license that allows the holder to carry a concealed handgun or own rifles with a large capacity for ammunition.

Wow! The otherwise anti-gun Globe printed that?

You’ll recall Steve Bailey, who allegedly made an illegal straw purchase and then wrote about it, writes for the globe. Complicit in that allegedly unlawful transaction was John Rosenthal of American Hunters and Shooters Association.

BTW, I wonder if ATF’s investigation into Mr. Bailey has concluded? I haven’t heard from the guy in while.

Concealed carry in NYC


An off-duty police killed one of two men who attacked the desk clerk of a luxury building in Chinatown late last night. Detective Martin Carrano, 36, was also stabbed in the neck and back; his injuries, as were the desk clerk’s, were non-life-threatening.

Good thing someone was armed. In NYC, only the police and the rich and famous are lawfully armed.

From guav, who emails: Of course, if NYC allowed CCW and he had been a “regular” citizen who was armed, he never could have stopped the attack—he probably would have started firing wildly in all directions, killing the attack victim and several innocent bystanders in the process before being disarmed by the attackers and shot with his own weapon.


Someone breaking the law to get guns in New Jersey:

FedEx employee accused in NJ gun-selling scheme

Police in Jersey City arrest two men in an alleged gun-selling scheme.

Authorities say 28-year-old Patrick Dolan of Keyport stole 11 guns while working for FedEx. FedEx spokeswoman Sandra Munoz confirmed that Dolan works for the company and says FedEx is cooperating fully with authorities.

Police say Dolan and 32-year-old John Sozomenou of Aberdeen were selling the guns at a housing project for prices ranging from $300 to $500.

That’s kinda odd since I thought all the guns in the north east came from the evil gun show loophole or because those nefarious gun makers were just flooding the streets up there with them.

Check it

A new gun blog called the Arsenal. A sample bit is buying a 22 pistol. Cool.

Something in the water

Lots of teh st00pid today:

Failure to stop or hooking? What’s the difference.

Canadian airport security freaks out over gun shaped necklace charm.

Insensitive? Maybe. Inaccurate, nope. Tragic, yes.


Guns in England

The Brits called parliament today. They want their guns back. From reader Magus.

A little too much

Ok, who mixed the explosives?

May 29, 2008

Handy tip

It helps to let go of the flashbang!

Thursday morning quaterbacking

Brave talk from a guy sitting behind a keyboard.

OMG Radical Islam Cooties!

In what has to be the dumbest thing resulting from the right wing blogosphere, Rachel Ray (who is kinda hot) was dumped as a spokeswoman for Dunkin’ Donuts because she may have had an explosive strapped to her chest. Oh, no. That’s not correct. Turns out, she was just wearing a scarf that looks like a keffiyeh. And apparently it looked radical Islam enough to rile people up who have no idea what a keffiyeh even is.

Thanks for proving that conservatives can be as stupid as the kos kids.


Just the other day I was lamenting the cussing (of which I found out later Dave Kopel does not approve). And holy fucking shit, if it’s not Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month!

Quote of the day

Seen at Radley’s:

The only problem with living in a libertarian utopia is that you’d have to live with a bunch of libertarians.

The opposite of assault weapon

A defense weapon.

I’m sure she spray fired it from the hip!

Tell me another one

Doug Pennington of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership:

Brady does not advocate banning guns

Unless they’re assault weapons, 50 calibers, FiveseveNs, Saturday Night Specials, handguns in DC, guns that don’t have non-existent smart technology, sniper rifles, regular capacity weapons, guns that don’t microstamp ejected casings, colored guns, guns you want to carry, etc. I mean, it’s a long list. But other than all that, they don’t advocate banning guns.

The pipe dream that will not die

Tom King on microstamping.

10 pounds

Well, everything is bigger in Tennessee.

Dude, free gun

Win a Sig250.

I have to confess that I don’t much see the point in a modular gun when you can just buy another gun. But still, it’s a Sig!

Gun bills in AZ Vetoed

David Hardy has the story.

2012: Like 2000 but 12 years later!

After a good bit of time in the press dedicated to mainstreaming survivalism, now it’s for crazy rednecks again.