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Airplane Discharge Update

TSA’s policy made the other biased Washington paper.

2 Responses to “Airplane Discharge Update”

  1. T F Stern Says:

    Don’t you just love how things get screwed up when idiots write the rules and refuse to listen to those who must conform to them? This information explains much more about how and why the gun went off; as opposed to the idea that the pilot was a total and complete incompetent boob as wes generated at first.

    This reminded me of a WWII story about gunnery personnel having their thumbs crushed or cut off while operating according to the manual. The fellow who wrote the instructions had to go and show them the procedure step by step. When he got to the part where he slams the bolt face home he remarked, “And that is how you cut your thumb off”, as he jerked what was left of his hand back…

  2. teqjack Says:

    Pilots do not discharge firearms, trigger locks do!


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