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The Pentagon plans on shooting down a spy satellite before it hits earth. If they need a 50 caliber sniper rifle capable of shooting down satellites, I think Josh Sugarmann can get it for them.

Via KAG.

13 Responses to “Nifty”

  1. # 9 Says:

    Is that even possible? If it is, this is huge news.

  2. _Jon Says:

    Ask the Chinese to do it.
    Detante and all that….

  3. Gunstar1 Says:

    If they need a 50 caliber sniper rifle capable of shooting down satellites

    You know, I would not be surprised if “the gun guys” put something like that on their web page as a factual statment.

  4. Mike M. Says:

    #9, it IS possible. The Navy will, once again, save the Free World. 🙂

  5. Cactus Jack Says:

    Hmmm… This satelitte is coming down on it’s own right? Yet the clowns at Fort Fumble want to shoot it down before that happens. Am I the only one that sees wasted effort here? That’d be like a homeowner saying that his basement is going to flood the next time it rains and fills the basement with water to keep that from happening.

    This dos’nt surprise me. After 30 years of working for the DoD I cant recall ever seeing a intelligent decision come out of the Puzzle Palace.

  6. Alcibiades McZombie Says:

    The fuel is apparently toxic. They apparently want to break it up before it enters the atmosphere so that it doesn’t come down concentrated near a populated area..

  7. SayUncle Says:

    And it’s probably got secret technology on it.

  8. Mike M. Says:

    VERY secret.

  9. gattsuru Says:

    The issue isn’t the lack of a specific sat. It’s the sat hitting the ground in one big chunk.

    As for blowing up a sat in orbit, that’s old news. American Air Force and China have had the basics down for years; it’s a little hard, but not complicated.

  10. Jay Says:

    What could possibly go wrong? LOL

  11. Justthisguy Says:

    I heard a radio news report about this a little while ago, which did not seem to make any sense. The gal said that they weren’t worried so much about having bad guys find classified gear, as about saving innocents from having stuff fall upon their heads. She said the thing still had half a ton of hydrazine mono-propellant in it, which would be a health hazard if it got to ground.

    Hello! And WTF! That’s a high-energy substance, which would most certainly not get to ground after re-entry heating. Further, why can’t they just use that half-ton of hydrazine all at once, and bring ‘er down quick?

    I think somebody is trying to show the Chicoms how to do it right, without splattering LEO with debris, while also showing that we can solve the more difficult problem of destroying something which is already re-entering.

  12. Rabbit Says:

    I’m sure that when the Navy is successful in reducing the satellite to Very Small Pieces some moonbat is going to announce that this is exactly what happened to the shuttle Columbia, Flight 800 (again), KAL 007, Amelia Earhart, and Kucinich’s hopes for 2008.


  13. Linoge Says:

    From what I understand of the situation (and, admittedly, it is not much) we cannot use the fuel onboard to accelerate its descent, or blow it up, because the satellite has stopped responding to control signals. And given it was a LEO satellite to begin with, their orbits are not always stable, and it started heading south.

    As for shooting it down before it splashes, the impact could hurt someone, stuff could be on there we do not want other people to know about, “environmental impact”, and, yeah, definitely showing off to the Chinese.