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Paper requests gun permit info

In NY, the Post Star requested the info and haven’t done any story on it. And the readers went ballistic without the story being published. Gee, I wonder why readers might be concerned with that? They say:

We listened to those concerns and want to assure each and every person that we would never, ever do anything to endanger private citizens or make information conveniently available that might lead to a safety concern.

Good for them!

Via Michael Silence.

2 Responses to “Paper requests gun permit info”

  1. Cactus Jack Says:

    One potential story that could come out of this is finding out whether there is a database of convicted felons. We would run that database through the gun permit database in each county to find out if there are people who shouldn’t have guns. This is a somewhat new development in journalism called computer assisted reporting. We think it would be an important story if it turned out that convicted felons showed up with gun permits. But we can’t do that story without the gun permit database.

    I call it “computer assisted snooping”. And they cant do a story without the gun permit database? Oh well, I guess they’re not going to do the story.

    No matter what these people say about a “safety concern” I have no doubt that if the Post Star got access to the gun permit database the info would be all over the internet and in their paper within 72 hours. They’re the media. Media=not to be trusted.

  2. straightarrow Says:

    Even if they kept their word and didn’t publish it in hard copy, I have no doubt they or someone in their employ would find a way to disseminate the information.