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Last week, the Mrs. points out to me that my tags had been expired since September. I never got the notice in the mail. Renewed them without issue. I thought it odd I didn’t get a notice in the mail. Today, me and the Mrs. are making plans to vote. And we talk about some things. I look through my wallet and have no voter registration card. When we moved just over a year ago, we filled out forms to notify various state agencies that we moved, including voter registration and the Department of Safety. We never noticed who we didn’t hear back from.

We can’t vote today. Clearly, this is some sort of conspiracy by the Democrats in this state too keep affluent white people from exercising their franchise. Or, you know, my own damn fault for not keeping up with it. Or some bureaucrat’s fault since it happened twice.

Update: Probably for the best since I was either gonna waste my vote on Fred Thompson or /20~ p@\/1.

Update: Woohoo. Not disenfranchised after all. R. Neal tells me how in comments.

8 Responses to “Disenfranchised”

  1. drstrangegun Says:

    The news reported this morning that all you need to have is a photo ID.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Yeah, but I won’t be ‘registered’ since I moved.

  3. Metulj Says:

    There are Democrats in Tennessee?

  4. Gregory Morris Says:

    Couldn’t you do a “provisional ballot” (or however they handle that in TN)?

  5. Mike Says:

    While not exactly according to Hoyle, you could vote at your old location.

  6. tgirsch Says:

    I think Gregory’s right. You should have been allowed to cast a provisional ballot.

  7. R. Neal Says:

    Yes, take a photo ID and explain the deal. You can fill out an afadavit and vote with a provisional ballot. More info:

    Address Change Within County

    To avoid complications on election day, registered voters should keep their local election commission informed of any change in address. To process a change of address, the election commission must receive written notification over the voterís signature of such change, as late as five (5) days before the election. If on the day of voting the address on the voterís permanent voter registration record differs from the voterís current address, then the voter must complete an affidavit before being allowed to vote. The voter must vote at his or her new polling place or at a central location designated by the county election commission office.

    To facilitate the process of keeping voter registration records accurate, the election commission conducts an address verification program to identify any voter whose address has changed but who failed to notify the commission. If the county election commission determines or suspects that the voter has changed addresses, the administrator of elections will mail a forwardable confirmation notice on which the voter may verify or correct the new address. If the voter fails to respond to the confirmation, and if the voter fails to otherwise update the election commission over a period of two (2) consecutive regular November elections following the date the notice was first sent, the voterís registration will be purged. T.C.A. 2-2-106

  8. Yu-Ain Gonnano Says:

    Well, since it appears you can vote, why don’t you go ahead and join the rest of us “wasting” our vote on Thompson?

    As I said over at SaaM, I hate having to vote for conservative democrats in the general election, I’ll be d4mn3d if I’m gonna do it in a Republican Primary.