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Membership by email alert

A while back, I asked: How do I join the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership? I asked because their site had no join button. Apparently, you’re considered a member if you sign up for their email alerts.

Also, there the go blaming the Evil Gun Lobby’s Triangle Of Death. Seems a co-sponsor of a gun control bill withdrew support after her constituents said we don’t like this bill. And that’s, of course, the gun lobby.

4 Responses to “Membership by email alert”

  1. Bitter Says:

    I have to say that NRA does the best job at actually considering who is a real member. Most groups in DC – even many you would support – are exceptionally generous in how they define a member. And don’t even get me into the groups that use the phrase “members and supporters.” That just opens a whole new definition of generous.

  2. thirdpower Says:

    The Brady Bunch claims “150,000 internet grassroots supporters” based on their E=mail alert list. If you go by their support on the old blog, they “may” have about 10K , and that’s being generous. The rest are us. Hence why they locked the comments. Even on HuffPo, the numbers are 10:1 in our favor. It’s the same thing Laura W. discovered.

  3. Linoge Says:

    Ahh, figures never lie, but liars figure. It would be interesting for all those gun-rights activists who monitor the Brady Bunch to unsubscribe for a week or so, just to see what their reaction would be.

    That is, if they let you unsubscribe…

  4. CTD Says:

    Based on their old blog they had about 4 members, if you count their own staff.

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