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November 30, 2007

Another poll

No, not here. But here. Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms? Out of 13K votes, the good guys are winning with 98%

More on* Paul Helmke and the youtube videos

Sebastian says Paul doesn’t know guns. I dunno. It looks like a Saiga to me which would make it a Kalashnikov type rifle. Regardless, it’s not a weapon covered by the various assault weapons bans. The shooter is also from California, which as the assault weapons poor ol’ Paul wants so desperately.

And, to round if off, thirdpower hits Paul where it hurts:

How many candidates, leading, trailing, or otherwise, are begging the Brady Campaign, or any anti-gun group for that matter, for their endorsement?

They don’t need support when they can just invent it on the internet.

* No double entendre intended.

Update: Turns out, the rifle is a Kel-Tec SU16, which is not an AK variant. That info came from Jay Fox himself who emailed Sebastian.

I see an ATF determination letter coming

A video of a guy bumpfiring a GLOCK

I’m thinking, and gun folks help me out here, but wouldn’t adding the board, which is imitating a stock, make the weapon a short barreled rifle?

Meanwhile, here’s another video showing bumpfiring a GLOCK with a stick.


Jewelry, money clips, and cuff links made out of shell casings.

More Anti-Gun Incest

Gunstar1, noticing a post on anti-gun astroturf, emails:

I saw your post from the 27th about Joyce’s Wounded in America website and it reminded me to go do another antigun website search. In addition to “Wounded” I found 2 new Joyce related websites..

Hoosiers Concerned about Gun Violence Indiana based group which is a part of the FSA

Come Together Auction fundraising website for the FSA

I also found a new astro-turf from the Brady Bunch

God not Guns which seems to be to recruit churches to the anti-gun mission.

As usual the full list of turf groups is at Georgia Packing.

Gun Show Loophole

Ahab notices that is the issue the antis are pushing this week. And the media play along happily repeating misinformation:

Background checks, however, aren’t necessary for firearms purchases made at gun shows or from a private seller, which, according to estimates, account for about half of the guns sold in the United States each year.

Outright lie in bold. Sales at gun shows are subject to the same laws that sales not at gun shows are.

Layers of editorial oversight!

PSH Alert: The Humor Comes After

Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership has a nonsensical screed on the youtube debate videos:

In last night’s Republican YouTube debate, a questioner submitted this video of himself shooting what looks like an AK-type semi-automatic assault rifle at a target in the desert. In less than two seconds, self-identified NRA Life Member Jay Fox fires off six rounds. (Check the timing of the video yourself.)

Looks to me like Jay Fox was shooting a Saiga. Said Saiga was, of course, not covered by the ban on weapons that look like assault weapons. And Mr. Fox, you’ll note, was not spray-firing his bullet hose from the hip. Paul gets us warmed up and continues:

Then, after he slings his rifle over his shoulder, he asks a question to the candidates for President: “What is your opinion of gun control?” After this, someone off-camera tosses him what looks like a 12-gauge pump shotgun. Then he quips, “And don’t worry” – as he pumps the slide, cha-chick – “you can answer how ever you like.”

The crowd roared with laughter. The candidates laughed too.

Of course, they’re not pants-shitting ninnies. Then he goes on about VA Tech, number of murders per day, and plays the emotional card about how you should talk to survivors of gun violence. Notice once again that the anti-gunners conflate a guy engaging in a lawful activity with gun violence.

But, Mr. Helmke, here’s the real question: How many people did Mr. Jay Fox kill yesterday or in his whole life? I’m guessing none.

Meanwhile, our favorite astroturf blog has it’s knickers in a twist too.

Al Gore’s Wig Emporium

Greatest name for a local blog ever: The sunsphere is not a wigshop

Awesome. For those who may not get it.

Via MKS.

Miami Police to get guns they already have

You’ll recall the hubbub in the news about how the Miami-Dade police were getting semi-auto rifles due to a shooting of a police officer involving a suspect with a semi-auto rifle? Well, seems that’s not the case:

Umm, guys, if you really expect us to believe the police weren’t carrying those rifles yet then, it would probably help if you, oh, I don’t know, didn’t show footage of the police carrying them..

He has the pic to prove it.


And why it’s a bad idea. Seems that, in Canada, the powers that be may start home safety inspections of gun owners. And they know where to look because weapons are registered.

Heller and AGs

David wants people to contact their state Attorney General’s office and find out where they stand on Heller. And he wants to track it. His map is pessimistic as there are already a few state AGs supporting Heller.

You can contact Tennessee’s Attorney General here.

/20~ p@\/1

Les Jones has a proposal for avoiding the Ronulans.

More on the astroturf summit

You’ll recall that no pro-gun people in Seattle were invited to attend a gun violence summit. After all, even though we pro-gun folks oppose gun violence, we still don’t oppose gun ownership and that’s what this shindig is about. Well, turns out some folks in the area are calling out the kangaroo court.

A musical interlude

Based on a true story.

Hello muddah, hello faddah,
Here I am at Camp Bogata.
Camp is very entertaining,
All my faith in communism has been waning

Smelly hippies, in the commune
Hate the fact that dad’s a tycoon
Now, I should have picked a winner
The proletariat now have me cooking dinner

November 29, 2007

Quote of the day

Tam on CNN’s coverage of Thompson:

Hey, did you know that the reporter was carefully selected beforehand and provided with a script?


Seems, for some reason, I’ve done a poll every day this week. Not sure why. What say you?


Like you and me, only better

I bet if I tried to take a gun on an airplane, they’d presume I did it intentionally.

Reasoned Discoursetm in Astroturf

You notice how the Joyce Foundation Funded astroturf blogs never have comments nor do they want any input? That same lesson The Brady Camp learned? Turns out, they don’t want feedback in real life either:

Preventing gun crimes will be the focus of a summit Monday that is expected to draw dozens of police officers and civic leaders from around the state to Seattle.

Mayor Greg Nickels, along with Harborview Medical Center’s Injury and Research Prevention Center, is hosting the conference in an effort to draw up better strategies to reduce violent crime and stop criminals from obtaining firearms.

It’s expected to draw about 150 people, including police, prosecutors, church leaders and school officials. During the one-day conference at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center, they’ll hear from experts who will share how efforts elsewhere have worked.

Great. Let’s have that chat. Oh, wait:

Gun rights advocates were deliberately not invited to this event, which is “Invitation Only.”

The attendees list is a veritable cornucopia of astroturf:

The Joyce Foundation, a Chicago-based non-profit that advocates for more restrictive gun-control laws, provided grant money to pay for the conference.

Other speakers include: Garen Wintemute, a professor of emergency medicine at the University of California-Davis; Police Chief Scott Knight of Chaska, Minn., who is chairman of the International Association of Chiefs of Police firearms committee; and Nina Vinik, legal director for the Legal Community Against Violence.

I think that’s the first time so much astroturf was seen outside a stadium.


Craig reports on a potential tax hike in the city, my the city.

Roleplaying in CCW Classes

Larry talks about the CCW class he gives:

Basically, I send one student out of the room, wearing a rubber gun. Then I set up a scenario inside the room, brief the student in the hall, and then when they walk in, they have to act like it is real life. They talk like they really would. Draw the gun when they really would. Shoot when they really would. Sometimes they should just walk away. Then we discuss, as a class, the legality and the tactical soundness of their decisions.

There’s more. Give it a read.

two words

What about the people?

More on the local mayor badmouthing blogs

Michael Silence is calling him out.

A few things on the YouTube debate

R o n P a u l (forgive the spaces but I don’t want the usual suspects hijacking the post with how I’m not a real man because I say he can’t win) seems to have lost his cool. He came across badly this time. He was nervous and fidgety.

I was a bit annoyed with the way the candidates treated the gay general. They had that whole Thanks for your service but you have gay cooties. Ick. thing going on. Turns out, the gay general is a member of Hillary Clinton’s Gay Steering Committee. An effective plant too. He made the candidates look bad.

No matter what he does, Mitt Romney comes across as either 1) a guy saying anything to get elected; or 2) a total douchebag. Nice job on the Bible question there, Sparky. As far as I can tell, the only folks who support you are the religious folks and you blew that. And, for the love of God, don’t answer every question while staring at the camera. You’re freaking people out. Look at your moderator.

Thompson, P a u l and Giuliani seemed to be the only candidates who knew what they were talking about while the others seem to repeat talking points.

I think the question about why Republicans couldn’t get votes from blacks despite blacks often having conservative views was a good one. Of course, the counter to that is why can’t Democrats get the South?

Update: CNN really screwed up.

Also, it looked like Anderson Cooper was as annoyed with Romney as me. Boy, he rode him hard.

In case you missed

Here’s the gun portion of the YouTube debate:

November 28, 2007

CNN YouTube Debate and guns

Giuliani did his homework and his answer conveyed that. Got booed for saying ‘reasonable restrictions’ were allowable. I was impressed that Giuliani really did his homework on Parker/Heller. He still seems to think there’s some urban exception to the Second Amendment. He didn’t convince me but he knew his stuff. Credit where it’s due and all that.

Fred blasted him hard though and obviously knew much more than Rudy. Seems Fred, unlike Rudy, knew Rudy’s record.

Hunter got all gun safety and told the questioner not to throw the firearms. Good.

When asked if they own weapons and if any of them required tax stamps, no one jumped up except the hunting story guy. McCain, Giuliani and Romney don’t own guns? Who knew? Line of the debate from Fred Thompson: I own a couple but I’m not gonna tell you what they are or where they are. That’s an indication Fred knows gun people.

Update: Seriously, no Ron Paul on guns?

Update: More at bitter’s. And here I thought I was first.

Update: Thompson is sticking with the old school conservative stuff. I’m digging it. You know, if he leaves out all the God said so and hating gay cooties stuff.

A second

I recall the first time I saw the word blogger in my local newspaper. Now, it’s a second. At some circle jerk (oh crap, there goes that language again) for an embattled local judge, our mayor takes issue with us bloggers:

“Judge Young’s not only been attacked by the unfair reporting, he’s been attacked by some of these bloggers,” he [Cunningham] said. “And the bloggers that do the attacking — if you ever have time to look at that trash — are always anonymous.

“If you’re going to do that, at least have … the testicular fortitude to say it to my face,” he said.

I’m not sure who he’s talking about. Despite being an anonymous blogger in Blount County and the only anonymous blogger in Blount County I know of, I haven’t mentioned judge Young. So, who’s he talking about? It’s a mystery not just to me:

I suppose there have been some anonymous comments re. Judge Young here, but the most outspoken critics, including an attorney involved in one of the cases, have signed their names. Perhaps there are some other blogs he’s referring to.

But seriously. Mayor Cunningham is seriously worried that people are getting involved and actually talking about local government in a forum outside the corporate and government controlled media? What is he so worried about? Was this some kind of preemptive diversionary tactic to head off some other trouble brewing?

By the way, who sent all the letters to Mayor Cunningham demanding an investigation into alleged conflicts of interests involving the few Democrats on County Commission? As far as we know, those people are all still “anonymous”.


I was at Coal Creek Armory the other day and noticed they had a Ma Deuce for sale up front. They posted pics of it on their blog. It’s quite pricey at $24K but it comes with about $10K in ammo and lots of accessories.


It’s a fine trait in house paint but in anti-gun talking points, not so much. Thirdpower addresses Helmke’s latest on Miller.


In this post, I used some, err, crass language. In comments, I wondered if it was a detriment to the blog and, you know, if maybe it could haunt me one day should I try to legitimize myself. A reader emailed that he likes to forward news/blog items to people and if the items are laced with profanity, he opts to not forward them. Any way, I don’t use that language all the time and use it when I want something that is either 1) shocking or 2) funny. What say you?


Update: more language issues. I don’t mind and John Timoney can go fuck himself.

Ammo stuff

The Armed Canuck looks at 308 v. 7.62 Nato and 5.56 Nato v. 223.