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Check out this AR Mag:

Update: You can get them here.

7 Responses to “Nifty”

  1. Ahab Says:

    Add that to the list of “things I don’t need but I want”.

  2. DirtCrashr Says:

    That would make a CA-legal gun a lot easier to take… 🙂

  3. USCitizen Says:

    Nice idea, there! Mebbe I should stock up!

  4. Nifty - says Say Uncle at Traction Control Says:

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  5. Lyle Says:

    That’s cool.

  6. Fodder Says:

    What a cool idea! That gun fired from a large capacity magazine and you only had to pull the trigger once. Easy magazine to reload, too.

  7. Cool AR Magazine: Cammenga EasyMag | The Firearm Blog Says:

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