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How’d they do that?

Everyone sent me this pic of the three Israeli chicks ordering ice cream. With their evil, spray firing bullet hoses of death on their backs. How do they have those magazines attached to each other?

7 Responses to “How’d they do that?”

  1. Tam Says:

    Fobus CAA ready-mag gizmo things. You can find them at the Fobus CAA site, I’m sure.

  2. Unix-Jedi Says:

    2 of them have them what looks like rubber-banded around the “spray-firing from the hip pistol grip”?

    I know it’s cool to be fashionable and all, but I think I’d prefer not to have to detach a mag from the grip before using…

  3. Joe Mama Says:

    I think they are required to carry with the magazine out in Israel.

  4. existingthing Says:

    Yep. Anyone on active duty is supposed to always have their condition 3 rifle + 1 mag on them or they can get a year or two added to their service.

    (at least, that’s what I heard)

  5. nk Says:

    Well, I’m glad to be not too old and not too married to admire something other(s) than the rifles.

  6. trainer Says:

    I would rather see my daughter date a Kennedy that have to have our young people live like this.

    Yes, they are honorable and brave. Yes, they are willing to put their young lives between their fellow citizens and barbarians. Yes, I understand all of that and I honor them.

    But what we see are some college age chicks out for an ice-cream…forced to carry weapons in this pedestrian setting because they never know when some Hadji sPlodian is going to try and kill a soft target.

    I don’t want our young adults to have to live like that. I would rather see the muzzies beaten back into the desert for another 400 years. I don’t much care how we do it either. Before I had to see this up at Kohr’s on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights, I’d glass the ME and never lose any sleep over it.

  7. markm Says:

    You can click on the picture to enlarge it. On the left, a big red rubber band is holding the mag to the pistol grip. On the right, the angle is bad, but it looks like the same except for the color. In the middle, there’s a black plastic-looking gizmo inserted in the magazine well (that CAA thing Tam mentioned, I guess – the company filter won’t let me look at gun shops), and it holds a mag at right angles (that is, towards the foregrip).

    If they’re required to keep the mag out in civilian areas, it looks like that gizmo’s the best way. It should keep crud out of the mag well while holding the loaded mag securely and handy. If you can’t get that, then you do what you can; the rubber band lets you get at the magazine faster than a pouch or pocket, and when you need to load your weapon ASAP, you’re going to snap the rubber band off and not even notice if it leaves a welt. I just wonder how strong of a rubber band it takes to hold a loaded mag securely…