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they also prefer you don’t shoot back

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership:

ďIn countries like the United States itís perfectly legal for members of the public to own certain types of firearms. If you live in such a country obtain an assault rifle legally, preferably an AK-47 or variations.Ē


Like the Brady Camp, Al Qaeda seems to be either 1) confused or 2) misrepresents gun laws. An AK-47 made after 1986 is illegal to own in this country. A semi-automatic variant of the AK-47 made after 1989 must meet certain import requirements but, assuming those requirements are met, is lawful to own (1989 is the year the import restrictions went into effect; 1986 was when the FOPA went into effect). That said, here’s what the Brady Bunch is yammering about:

In the last few weeks, Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Congressman Peter King (R-NY) have introduced bills which say that people on the terrorist watch list should not be permitted to buy guns. Most people are shocked when they learn that this common-sense step in fighting terrorism is not already in place.

We welcome and applaud this effort by the Bush Administration and Congress to begin to plug the terrorist loophole in our nationís gun laws, and the gun loophole in our nationís war on terror. Under current law, suspected terrorists who are deemed too dangerous to fly on airplanes, are not classified as too dangerous to buy assault weapons or other guns unless they fall into some other prohibited category. This makes no sense.

That’s right, denying constitutional rights without due process of law is a common-sense step.

I wonder if they support denying people the ability to buy box cutters, gasoline, and fertilizer?

Update: In comments, thirdpower points out:

Doing a little Googling, itís not from the (or any) AQ training manual. Itís from some crappy little pamphlet alledgedly printed in the UK by ďAzzam PublicationsĒ. So a little more disinformation from the BC and the VPC.

Ayup. Here’s one such manual. The quote is even wrong.

16 Responses to “they also prefer you don’t shoot back”

  1. Mark Says:

    I should think, the way things are trending, the Brady-cats would be more concerned with banning tar and feathers…
    Waiting periods and ‘gun-free’ zones have proven to be little more than a serious threat to life. Castle doctrine and similiar laws are popping up quickly enough to give a dandelion a run for its’ money. More cases of justified self-defense are making the news. The court decision in DC, probable SCOTUS review of the 2A under circumstances which are making the gun-grabbing bastards unhappy – If this trend continues, Sara B may well be selling apples on the corner, seeing as the market for bull manure seems to be going downhill.

  2. Greg Morris Says:

    Using guns for attacks on Americans does not fit with the Al Qaeda MO. As we’ve seen, they prefer big, organized, mass-killing events. Bombs, airplanes, etc. Nobody in Al Qaeda is stupid enough to think they can come over here and do any damage with a gun… except perhaps in gun-free zones.

  3. drstrangegun Says:

    Actually it’s 1968, isn’t it? 1968 closed registry for foreign-made automatic weapons, afaik. I may just be fuzzy today…

  4. _Jon Says:

    Two points:

    1. Let them try to buy AK’s – it sheds a light on them, making them easier to catch.

    2. Travel watch lists barring citizens from traveling should be as unconstitutional as banning people from owning firearms just because some ‘crat doesn’t like their haircut.

    and a snark:
    — Some of those anti-gun people shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

  5. Thirdpower Says:

    Doing a little Googling, it’s not from the (or any) AQ training manual. It’s from some crappy little pamphlet alledgedly printed in the UK by “Azzam Publications”. So a little more disinformation from the BC and the VPC.

  6. thorn Says:

    Not sure what the big deal is… it’s not as if ordinary Americans wind up on the “no-fly” list for no discernible reason whatsoever.

    People like Ted Kennedy, for example. ūüėČ

  7. SayUncle Says:

    Actually itís 1968, isnít it? 1968 closed registry for foreign-made automatic weapons, afaik. I may just be fuzzy todayÖ

    86 was when transfers of new machine guns was banned. 1989 was when the import restrictions on weapons went into effect.

  8. retro Says:

    Actually, this Lautenberg/King proposal is even more dangerous than what you’ve concluded.

    Once you condition the possession of a protected right on a certain status, you create a “due process” right to challenge that status. Worse yet, you may create a situation where one can be deprived of a “liberty interest” only with due process of law. In other words, you can only be listed only after notice and a right to a hearing on whether you are legitimately a terror suspect.

    The net effect, if the Lautenberg/King proposal becomes law, will be that it will become more difficult to watch terrorists because you will have to first “prove” that there is probable cause before listing suspected terrorists on a “terrorist watch” list.

  9. Mike Says:

    The families of the VTECH victims should file a lawsuit against the college for denying the consitutional rights of the students.

  10. amr Says:

    The media gave little exposure when Mrs. Brady purchased a Remington .30-06 rifle. It was for her son, but it was effectively a straw purchase, but after a series of checks it was deemed legal even though her son never had a background check. I have no personal problem with what she did because one should be able at least purchase for a relative, but she of all people should not be hypocritical or from a political standpoint be purchasing a firearm. One post on this at

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  12. David Says:

    Perhaps all we need to do is to accuse suspected terrorists of domestic abuse. That will keep them from buying guns and you don’t even need to have proof.

  13. gizmo Says:

    In fairness, it should be pointed out that the Jihad manual cited also promotes good citizenship! :

    “Respect the laws of the country you are in and avoid dealing in illegal firearms. One can learn to operate many arms legally, so there is no need to spend years in prison for dealing in small, illegal fireams. Learn the most you can according to your circumstances and leave the rest to when you actually go for Jihad.”

  14. ScottG Says:

    but she of all people should not be hypocritical or from a political standpoint be purchasing a firearm.

    Uh, amr…that’s what they are, that’s what they do….

  15. drstrangegun Says:

    I looked it up, several places point to 26 USC 5844 as “proof” of inability to import NFA weapons after 1968.

    IIRC this is why exist such things as “pre-86 samples”.

    That would mean no AKs after 1968.

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