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Inside the mind of an anti-gunner

NK once asked why this site has no trolls. Well, I’m happy to report we do. See comments here and here. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. His blog is here (update: oops, link added), if you want to have a laugh. Anyhoo, inside the mind of an anti-gunner, in which I put on my amateur psychologist hat. Says the misnamed Freedonian:

I donít like guns. I donít want them. My only firsthand experience with guns was some coward trying to take me out from 100 feet away. His three shots missedó All going into the apartment behind me. Thank god no one was hurt. And when I caught him without his gun, I beat his ass within an inch of his life. The transgression for which this legitimate gun owner thought I deserved to lose my life was dating his ex-girlfriend.

He was a perfectly legitimate gun owner with a CCW permit. He broke no laws until he committed an act of craven cowardice and tried to take my life from a long distance.

So, he admits in a public forum to assaulting someone. See I, as a responsible person and one not prone to violence and one who carries a handgun, don’t beat people up. Nor do I get into fights. Nor do I start them. I generally avoid physical confrontation regardless of how steamed I am. No matter if the guy shot at you earlier, when you caught him out and beat his ass, you assaulted him. You probably broke the law. No wonder you don’t trust people with guns. You can’t be trusted with them.

His story changes throughout the comment thread to being a bouncer blah blah blah. Read it for yourself. Hell, that part might even be made up.

He also notes it happened fourteen years ago, which is odd since TN has only had shall-issue since 1994. And, prior to that, I don’t think that area of the state was keen on issuing permits.

5 Responses to “Inside the mind of an anti-gunner”

  1. Alcibiades Says:

    That story sounds familiar. I seem to remember someone talking about being shot at by a CCW either here or on another blog (months ago, not recently).

  2. JustDoIt Says:

    It’s simple. He’s a liar.

  3. #9 Says:

    And poof, just like that, he is gone.

  4. Exador Says:

    All you have to do is read the third sentence. He has no experience with guns. He is ignorant. Of course, they are scary to him.

  5. SayUncle » What we’re up against Says:

    […] I noted before about an anti-gunner: So, he admits in a public forum to assaulting someone. See I, as a responsible person and one not […]