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We get love letters

Received today:

Say Uncle!?

Why shouldn’t I sue your ass for repeating and posting Les Jones libel against me too!?

You Rightwankers get a little carried away don’t you? Like piranhas feeding.

My lawyer is one of the absolute best around! Brian Krumm, UTK law professor so I
would suggest that you remove all that horseshit about me les posted and the other inbreds comments from your Bubba babbling web site now!! – Larry Henderson

Here’s his webpage. Brian Krumm is listed as a professor at UT’s Political Science Department.

My reply:

Sue me for what, exactly? For linking to and allowing Les Jones to comment on a website I pay for? And a website that you agreed to abide by the rules of when you commented there? You did read the terms of service?

If you sue me, you have a pretty stupid lawyer. Or a smart lawyer who likes to take money from idiots.

Given your history of threatening to shoot people with whom you disagree, if you contact me again, I will have a restraining order taken out against you. Future correspondence with me should be from your lawyer at this email address should you decide to waste your money losing a lawsuit. I will happily forward his correspondence to my retained legal counsel.


4 Responses to “We get love letters”

  1. Phelps Says:

    Brian Krumm does not appear to be a member in good standing of the Tennessee Bar Association.

    Perhaps you should contact him. He should be able to tell you his bar number and whether or not he is in fact the proper legal contact for Mr. Henderson.

  2. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner Says:

    Why am I starting to think that Larry did it?

  3. Brass Says:

    Larry Henderson is an Asshat.

    Is that actionable?

  4. chris Says:

    Membership in the Tn Bar Association is not required for licensure as an attorney in Tn.