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Like you and me, only better

While residents in DC generally can’t own guns, those who do have safe storage requirements. But the FBI doesn’t and lost some subguns:

Seven weapons, including two submachine guns, were stolen last weekend from an FBI agent’s vehicle in Southwest Washington, the agency said yesterday.

Also taken were ammunition, a police radio, bullet-resistant vests, body armor and photography equipment, the FBI said.

The FBI vehicle belongs to a 35-year-old member of a special response team who was authorized to take it home. It was one of about 20 vehicles randomly vandalized in the 800 to 1100 blocks of Water Street between midnight Friday and 3 a.m. Saturday, according to D.C. police and the FBI.

Oops. I love this bit:

“We understand the seriousness of those weapons in the hands of untrained individuals,” said Joseph Persichini Jr., head of the FBI’s Washington field office.

Well, SayUncle (an untrained individual) doesn’t leave his guns where they can be stolen. Well, without considerable effort any way.

6 Responses to “Like you and me, only better”

  1. anon Says:

    Presumably, the M4s were full autos as well as the MP5s. Odd that a liberal rag like the Washington [com]Post didn’t play up the fact that 4 Machine Guns were stolen. Also, what exactly is a ‘training’ MP5?

    You can expect a lot more of these events once the ATF opens it’s new HQ in DC – it is smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood that would charitably be called ‘transitional’.

  2. Lyle Says:

    “…in the hands of untrained individuals…”

    That’s the best they can do? How about, in the hands of larsonists? Oh, but wait, that’s against the law– you know, criminals having guns is illegal. Don’t criminals know that breaking the law is illegal? Somebody should remind them.

  3. Alcibiades Says:

    Aren’t bullet-resistant vests and body armor the same thing? (I’m assuming they are not talking about trauma plates.)

    As for the MP5 trainer, perhaps they meant an Airsoft MP5 copy?

  4. existingthing Says:

    Looks like the criminals were keeping guns out of “untrained hands”…

  5. Just A Jarhead Says:

    The feeling of Deaja.Vu floods over me, I know this happened before! Oh yes! Now I remember, but it was Memphis TN. The FBI at a hotel, and it was a van, with basically the same contents, but better yet! They even had an M-79 grenade launcher stolen! They didn’t bother to let it be known whether or not any HE or fragmentation grenades were taken. You can all understand how law enforcement would need such a weapon. Well maybe it was for tear gas? Like when they borrowed the tanks from the Army down in Waco.

  6. Michael Says:

    Maybe I should add him to my “This not a gun safe” section. Kinda of reminds me of that DEA agent that shot himself right after saying that he was a trained professional.

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