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Knife Amnesty Yields Neat Knives

During England’s recent knife amnesty, a variety of homemade cutting and puncturing weapons were turned in. I wonder how many weren’t turned in.

We are pleased that the owners’ have been responsible and handed them in. We would urge anyone who has home-made weapons to take the same route and surrender them at one of the designated police stations.” Tackling knife culture is paramount to the safety of our communities. People who carry bladed weapons run the risk of that weapon being used on them, or inflicting serious injury on others. It also carries a jail sentence of up to four years. The total number of weapons surrendered in Staffordshire during the amnesty, which has now been running for four weeks, has reached 1,420.

Via Street Use, which has some nifty pictures.

8 Responses to “Knife Amnesty Yields Neat Knives”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    That’s a grand total of six homemade weapons. Likely turned in by one person’s mom.

    “Knife Culture”! Damn. It’s been around since the stone age.

    How do these people manage to buy chef’s knives and bring them home?

  2. Rustmeister Says:

    People who carry bladed weapons run the risk of that weapon being used on them

    I thought that applied only to handguns. 😉

  3. Captain Holly Says:

    Just wait until someone gets beaten to death with a cricket bat…

  4. Volunteer Voters Says:

    The Agony Of Defetus

    The View From the Porch (via Unc): Now, a lame duck Republican house is meeting to get their last bits of legislation passed before the Democrats take back the gavel. What’s on the emergency agenda for the freshly pink-slipped Repubs?…

  5. Steve Says:

    I think the great street philosopher Snoop Dogg dealt with it this way:
    “Late night I hear toothbrushes scrapin on the floor, Britons gettin shanks, just in case the war, pops off, cause you can’t tell what’s next…”

  6. Brass Says:

    This knife ban could be coming to the US. In this post we see the beginnings. The “knife” in post would probably scare the bejeezus out of any English Bobby.

  7. Random Nuclear Strikes » Because they might hurt a criminal with it Says:

    […] Found at Uncle’s place. […]

  8. markm Says:

    Brass: Yep, that’s a very dangerous knife. The wielder could kick me to death while I was rolling on the floor laughing at his knife.