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School of Sharts

I sympathize with respect to teaching little ones about their bodily functions. But we’ve not quite made it to sharts. That post made me laugh out loud. You should read it all but here’s a snippet:

Last week, out of the blue, L’il Fat started crying. Wailing really. She had sharted.

With Junior, we’ve had many ups and downs with the potty training. Lately, it’s mostly downs. She’s almost two and a half now. She was actually peeing in the potty regularly at about 18 months. Then, she made a horrible mistake. She dookied in it. It scared her and she didn’t sit on the potty again for months.

Now, at daycare, she’s catching back on. She will, on occasion, request to use the potty on her own. Otherwise, we try to remind her to go on the potty and not in her diaper or pull up. That’s the other thing, she was wearing pull-ups all day for about two weeks. And, without cause or reason, she started asking for diapers again.

She still won’t doody in the potty. But will pee in it regularly enough but not every time.

So, we’re trying bribery. If she pees in the potty, she gets one of her favorite foods: one gummy bear. If she poops, she gets two. Me and the Mrs. have decided that the terms Number 1 and Number 2 must have come from thousands of years of parents trying the same thing.

2 Responses to “School of Sharts”

  1. Chris Byrne Says:

    Our youngest was 3 in September; and she was making progress on peeing in the potty for a while, but then she completely backslid.

    Thing is, she just doesnt want to give up her diaper. She likes being able to crap in her pants whenever she wants too, and doesnt want to have to go potty.

    What she’s coming up against though, is pre-school. She wants to go to pre-school next year like her sister (who’ll actually be in Kindergarten next year), and she can’t go if she’s not potty trained.

    You can see it like a little war inside her head “Donwanna use the potty… wanna go school like big girl like my sister… but donwanna stop my diaper”

    On the one hand it’s hilarious; on the other hand pullups are expensive, changing her all the time is a PITA, and of course theres the pre-school issue.

  2. nk Says:

    Hot Wheels. I was so proud (of my daughter, myself, my wife?) the first time our daughter said, “I’m going do poopoo in the potty so I can get a Hot Wheel”.

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