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SayUncle: Part of the problem

So, today I got a Google news alert for assault weapons ban and it pointed me here. I was all like Whoa, that sounds familiar. Yeah, because I wrote that. I guest blog over at No Silence Here on occasion, which is a blog hosted at the local newspaper’s site. Google picks it up as a news source.

Cool, I’m now the media. I’m part of the problem.

Note to Michael: I’d post there more often. But, let’s face it, I have a bit of a potty-mouth.

One Response to “SayUncle: Part of the problem”

  1. tgirsch Says:

    Cool, Im now the media.

    And, by extension, you’re now the liberal media. Because everyone knows that “the media” is (or are, if you’re a grammar nerd) “liberal.” 🙂