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Most influential TN blogger

MKS asks:

A source of mine wants to know who the five most influential political bloggers in the state are. Put your responses in comments.

Kind of a tough one. After all, define influential? Do you mean influential in state politics? Influential in terms of readership? Influential in, err, any thing else?

When it comes to state politics, probably Bill Hobbs. He’s widely read by people that make decisions. Just ask him, he’ll tell you that.

In terms of getting some major coverage? Instapundit, hands down. He can bring you lots of coverage and expose you to many, many people. I’m convinced to this day that the reason the ATF decided to pay me a visit after my friend was arrested is due to Instapundit’s link, which drew a ton of attention to it.

Most influential Knox County politics blog? Knoxviews.

Most influential media blog is probably Nashville is Talking. Seriously, the folks at WKRN are doing some good stuff with blogs. Good place to go to see what Tennessee blogs are yammering on and on about.

Most influential blog for those with a penchant for guns, politically incorrect dogs, and general smarminess. Me! But that’s a very narrowly defined group which isn’t all that influential.

The various shill blogs are influential at getting supporters to step up and getting the panties of their opposition in a bunch.

There are a ton of good Tennessee blogs out there but most have little influence, including this one. We bloggers tend to influence, err, other bloggers.

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  1. Fug Says:

    Since you are the only TN blogger I read, you are to me.