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Comic Blogging the Eminent Domain

The fifth panel of the first chapter of Shooting War has a good condemnation of Kelo v. New London. Good to see the issue raised, even if they cast it as a battle in the war against corporatism, rather than a fight over property rights.

The comic itself is a serialized graphic novel about a lefty video blogger covering the Iraq war in 2011 during the McCain administration. It’s well-drawn, cynical, and deft with the politics and culture. Worth a look.

Oh, and Uncle told me the way to keep you folks entertained is with explodey pictures, so don’t miss panel 7.

Update: While you’re looking at fictionalized accounts of the terror war, check this alternative history of the US/Afghan war. So scary it could be true!

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  1. Rustmeister Says:

    Mmmm, high velocity combustion. At an eeevil Starbucks no less.