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So long

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is now being scraped off soldiers’ boots.

8 Responses to “So long”

  1. Justin Buist Says:

    I’ve lost track. Is this the 8th or 9th time we’ve killed or captured him?

  2. drstrangegun Says:

    We have a positively fingerprinted dead body this time.

  3. Xrlq Says:

    I’m waiting for TGirsch to blast me for calling him “scum.” Should hear from him any moment now.

  4. Brutal Hugger Says:

    Ah, yes, Al Qaeda loses yet another #2 guy.

    Seriously, this is probably very good news. Let’s see how badly this sets back the insurgency.

    Here’s a question: do you, sleeping in your bed in America tonight, feel like your personal safety has increased?

  5. Rustmeister Says:

    I’m not concerned with my personal safety, really. I have that under control. I believe the safety of our men and women in the war zone has been increased.

  6. tgirsch Says:


    Uhh, there’s only one of us who frequently complains about name-calling while also frequently engaging in it, and it isn’t me.

    But if true, this is decidedly good news. I can only hope it has a negative impact on the insurgency.

  7. tgirsch Says:

    OK, so “frequently complains” probably isn’t a fair assessment. Scratch that first “frequently.”

  8. Justin Buist Says:

    We have a positively fingerprinted dead body this time.

    Perhaps, one of the other guys we killed in the attack is issueing press releases.

    Sheik Abd-al-Rahman, was identified as killed in the strike

    said the statement, signed by “Abu Abdel-Rahman al-Iraqi,”

    I’m still in the skeptical column.