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Seven family members were killed in a home invasion.

The AP says:

Foley said it appeared the (sic) at least one assault rifle was used in the killings.

Lots of gunnies often say that we’re one senseless killing away from a renewed push for a ban on weapons that look like assault weapons. This could be it.

2 Responses to “Tragic”

  1. #9 Says:

    Yet had the family had one assault rifle or pistol gripped shotgun the result may have been different. Steak knives, baseball bats, and nine irons are a poor deterrent.

  2. straightarrow Says:

    Was it not already illegal for the prime suspect to possess a firearm. So, one more law would cause him to comply? A man who would kill an entire family for a few dollars worth of stuff would have pulled up short in the face of just one more law?

    My aching ass. A ventilated brain bucket would have been much more effective and is much more appropriate.

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