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Scoot update

I am remiss in mentioning that my buddy Scoot, the one who was arrested by the ATF, emailed me that:

The government is planning to push the fact that I had sold firearms parts and was now making receivers so obviously I would sell them also. Ever own a gun part or accessory and sold it because you don’t want or use it anymore? You are now in the firearms business.

They are also saying there is an interstate nexus with the firearms I “supposedly” manufactured.

Got that? If you sell a firearm part (which is subject to about as much regulation as a stapler) and possess firearms, thay may be used as justification that you’re dealing firearms without a license.

3 Responses to “Scoot update”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    Sounds like crap to me. I hope he has competent legal representation.

  2. FishOrMan Says:

    We are all just waiting our turn.

  3. Lyle Says:

    So, if you sold cupcakes at a bake sale AND you have a vagina you are therefore a whore. (propensity to sell) + (possesion of sex organs) = proof of intent to sell sex.
    We’re all guilty.

    Oh yeah, insert mention of U.S. Constitution here (not that it should ever matter as long as we have emotions and political ambitions to guide us).