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Win a gun

In an effort to raise awareness of the second amendment, the The Tiger Town Observer‘s editor Andrew Davis is having a raffle for an AK and a Marlin rifle:

An independent student newspaper at Clemson University that last week published Danish cartoons of Muhammad is sponsoring a drawing this week for an AK-47 assault rifle, stirring some student and faculty protests.

Andrew Davis, editor-in-chief of the conservative tabloid The Tiger Town Observer, said his purpose is to celebrate the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the right to bear arms.

Kids today.

2 Responses to “Win a gun”

  1. SamuraiGrant Says:

    How Cool!!! I go through Clemson on my way home. I’ll be stoping today to make a donation for a raffel ticket or three.

  2. Addison Says:

    (Davis is a friend of a friend)

    Sent him this link, he sent a note to Davis, this was what he forwarded to me:

    “Our drawing is being held on Clemson’s campus on our library bridge
    tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday. We have a table set up where you can stop
    by and enter your name in the drawing. We’re asking for a donation of $5 per
    ticket. Unfortunately, we are only issuing tickets at our booth on the
    library bridge and we did not integrate ways for mailing checks for tickets.
    We hope to hold another event similar to this in the future and by then have
    built an infrastructure to support checks and mailings. If there’s any way
    we might accomodate you, please let me know and I will certainly try my

    So, nothing for those of us not near Clemson.

    (Clemson Alum.. should I admit that?)