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California gun seizure

The California DOJ has seized 500 legal AR-15 stripped lower receivers:

Hereís some basic background information on CA gun laws: The assault weapons law bans guns by feature, and a detachable mag is a required feature. There are also guns banned by model. The DOJ can add AR/AK receiver names at will, and then owners have a few months to register them as assault weapons. So fixed-mag ARís are legal unless the DOJ bans that model, at which point residents have some time to register them as assault weapons, and assault weapons can have politically incorrect features. The DOJ announced such an addition to the ban list (for the first time), and so CA gun owners went on a buying spree. However, the DOJ just published a memo stating that they would not allow politically incorrect features to be added, which is not what the law states, but thatís another battleÖ

More here and here. Via Gun Law News.

3 Responses to “California gun seizure”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    I really like this comment:

    MudPuppy Says:

    Molon Labed?

    Cold Dead Fingers?

    It’s California–those folks will travel half way across the country to steal firearms from the peasants.

    (psss… that comment is in regard to the Kartina thuggery- SM)

  2. Xrlq Says:

    I’ve really got to get out of this God-forsaken state.

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