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More on Wrenn

TNKen reports on the latest in the not really a machine gun trial of Ernie Wrenn:

As you may know, Ernie and his attorney were allowed to inspect and take the semi auto Maxims that were alleged to be machine guns to the range in an attempt to duplicate ATF’s allegation that they would fire fully auto. At the first test, ATF refused to allow Ernie and his attorney to video the test. The second time, they got a court order to allow the taping, only to have ATF force them to surrender the video following the test. ATF refused to participate in the testing, and the guns of course, only fired in semi if at all.

Late last week, ATF filed a motion to exclude the video. First, on the grounds that it had Ernie in it, and the government would not be able to cross-examine him if he did not take the witness stand. If Ernie did take the stand, ATF argued that the video would only be duplicative of the oral testimony, and thus not necessary for the defense. Obviously, the government does not like the facts portrayed in the video.

Abysmal. Lying about it being a machine gun then preventing him from proving it. More Wrenn past coverage here.

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