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October 31, 2005

RINO Sightings

It’s up over at Inside Larry’s Head, the Halloween edition.


Brittney, of NIT, has some.

So sad

Only Tennessee could start the season ranked number 3 and then wind up unranked. Feh.


Bruce’s rules for trick or treaters:

RULE #2: Parents, Don’t Disarm Your Children!

Pirates without cutlasses, soldiers without M-16’s, police officers without sidearms, and swordless Zorro’s will have their candy allotment reduced significantly. Sorry, kids, but you’ll have to take it up with your sissy parents. It’s my house, my rules.

Conversely, the children of parents who allow them to carry their weapons of doom and destruction will be showered with all sorts of unhealthy, rot-your-teeth-out crap.


Happy Halloween

Boo! I plan on going as something real scary, so here’s my costume:
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The Gun Guy links to and tends to agree with this notion that there is a pending social and infrastructure collapse coming. Go read then come back.

I have heard this mentioned quite a bit by otherwise reasonable people (i.e., not the end of the world or black helicopter people). I wonder why people think this? Then I wonder if it’s really a possibility. Sure, the US is probably one terror attack or natural disaster away from a regional collapse but I don’t see a national collapse unless there is just a failure of gigantic proportions at fed .gov level. Then what?

I was on a flight last month and the guy next to me struck up a conversation. Turns out, he was a pilot for the airline we were flying on. The conversation basically turned into him telling that he thought there would be a huge social/governmental collapse in our lifetime. He was serious and reasoned that it was only a matter of time before some terror attack did a profound amount of damage on US soil.

Then, another guy I know in a professional capacity told me he wasn’t too concerned about social security because he planned on being raptured in the next few years anyway. I asked if he had a date because we’ve got some cash tied up in investments for Junior’s college fun and wedding.

Is this end of the world type stuff cyclical or does everyone know something I don’t? And, more importantly, if such an even occurred (well, except the rapture, I suppose), what happens next? We Americans can’t live without our Coca Cola and MTV.

What do you think?

Like you and me, only better

A man was charged with threatening a police officer with a loaded gun and plead guilty to to recklessly endangering another person. You’d expect someone like that to rightfully be tossed under the jail. But you’d be wrong because this guy is a city supervisor.

Via David.

ATF lies again

The ATF, apparently, makes the rules up as it goes along. A firearm R&D firm (who is properly licensed and is a special occupational taxpayer) has been charged with possession of a machine gun. The only problem is that, even though the ATF says so, IT IS NOT A MACHINE GUN:

Mr. Wrenn (a licensed firearms manufacturer, and SOT (Special occupational Taxpayer, meaning a license to make machineguns, etc) was charged with:

Posession of an machine gun- He had designed a semi automatic version of a Russion Maxim machine gun (Just like my comany’s BREN semi). They charged him stating it was a “machine gun” but, during testing it was found out the ATF made it up….It never would fire as a machinegun.

When that didn’t work they RE-indicted him for transfering a machine gun illegally- He designed a replacement part (upper receiver) that will only work in a “registered machine gun”. It was novel, and inovative (It turned a machine pistol into a belt fed beast that fired the same cartridge of the AK47). Heres the kicker….My company designed the near identical device. The ATF declared it as not even being a firearm, let alone a machine gun. OOPs!! They just figured that out, and boy are they pissed at me now as their very own paper work now very publicly contradicts itself. [What do you expect if the ATF doesn’t have a written testing procedure, let alone a scientific one].

The ATF in its infinite wisdom during the first indictment siezed all the parts for this newly designed replacement receiver. When the ATF RE-indicted they also charged Mr. Wrenn with interstate fraud for not delivering the devices (That the ATF had locked up in a vault a year ealier) Is that not convenient for the ATF charge the man for “illegally” transfering what devices he delivered and seizing the rest, wait awhile and…..Presto!! You just got nailed for NOT delivering the remainder.

There was a case a while back when they were claimed a weapon was a machine gun but it turns out it was just a defective, worn out part. They still tried to push it and actually took the defective piece out to test fire when the gun was basically unsafe and could fire out of battery. They still could not get to fire in fully automatic mode. An upper receiver, per the ATF’s own rules, isn’t really a gun any way. Much less a machine gun.

From my cold, dead water dish

Seen at Ravenwood, in California they will restrict felons from owning dogs. This comes complete with registration, safe storage, waiting periods and the whole anti-gun wish list:

The Contra Costa County board of supervisors unanimously supported on Tuesday prohibiting convicted felons from owning any dog that is aggressive or weighs more than 20 pounds, making it all but certain the proposal will become law when it formally comes before the board for approval Nov. 15.

The proposal would also for the first time require people with dogs deemed potentially dangerous to apply for a permit to keep their dog and to abide by certain rules. Supervisor Mark DeSaulnier said his desire to do something about dangerous dogs was galvanized by the March 29 mauling of 11-year-old JaQuan Rice Jr., as the boy walked near his home in Concord.

We must do something, anything for appearance. Even if it’s the wrong thing.

Man arrested for scaring people

Only in Illinois:

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: in that Shawn (SIC) Kranish knowingly did an act in such an unreasonable manner as to alarm or disturb Janna L. Shwaiko and provoke a breach of peace to wit Shawn (SIC) Kranish walked into the Presidents (SIC) office and requested from Shwaiko a meeting with the President. Kranish was wearing a blue jacket with the words “I Carry” on the front of the jacket and he was also wearing a black nylon pouch or handgun holster (Note: Can’t officer Crumb tell the difference?). Shwaiko believed Kranish to be carrying a gun and it alarmed her in violation of 720 ILCS 5/26-1(a) of the Illinois Compiled Statutes.


The AP is reporting the pick for the Supreme Court will be Samuel Alito. On guns, here’s what I found:

In a dissent to a ruling that upheld the constitutionality of a federal law banning the possession of machine guns, Alito argued for greater state rights in reasoning that Congress had no authority to regulate private gun possession.

David Kopel says:

In United States v. Rybar, Judge Alito wrote a blistering dissent from the majority opinion which held that, notwithstanding United States v. Lopez, Congress had the power to use the Interstate Commerce power to prohibit the mere possession of machine guns manufactured after May 1986, even though Congress had made no findings about the effect of such machine guns on interstate commerce. Judge Alito’s dissent did not address the majority’s assertion that Rybar had no Second Amendment rights because Rybar was not a member of the militia.

BYO Guns – 2

Arfcom regular Shoot N Scoot has finished his first AR-15. Scroll down to see the finished product.

October 29, 2005

Guns, guns, guns!

The Carnival of Cordite is up!

October 28, 2005

The lies they tell

Yesterday Say Uncle posted on the Canadian threat of a lawsuit against American gun makers. This quote was included in his post.

Federal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler made the suggestion earlier this week, saying more than half the guns used in homicides in Canada originate in the United States.

Over 50%. Wow!

One small problem with that number. The truth.

Mr. Wilkins said that Canadian officials admitted in meetings with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice this week “that that figure was just grabbed out of thin air.” He insisted the Canadian government should focus on joint efforts to combat gun-running rather than pointing fingers.
Mr. Wilkins told CTV’s Canada AM that the Canadians admitted the figure has no basis. Mr. Wilkins declined to tell The Globe whether the Prime Minister conceded the figure was not substantiated.

I guess they have decided to use the sad tactics of the Brady Center and just lie.

Breaking News

Yahoo news is flashing that Libby was indicted. CNN says:

Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Vice President Cheney’s chief of staff, indicted by grand jury on charges of obstruction of justice, making false statements and perjury in CIA leak probe.

Looks like national CCW

The poll over at Gun Law News (upper right corner) shows an overwhelming lead for National CCW. KABA linked to it so it’s getting a lot of play.

Couple o’ AKs

I’ve said before that an AK looks unnatural with an AR stock. I’ve found the exception and the shorty AR stock looks kinda cool. Good price on the VEPR too.

I’ve seen the moonbat king

And I am speechless. Something isn’t right in the world when the reasonable party in a debate is Kos.

Genius – I doubt it

Chris notes that investment portfolios of congressmonkeys beat the average portfolio by a whopping 12%. I don’t think they’re baby geniuses but I’m guessing that somehow that whole regulating commerce thing is working out for them.

Easy come, easy go

Tam responds to the Gun Guy losing his mojo:

They’re just guns, folks; easy come, easy go. Unless you’re talking about an heirloom, historical artifact, or rare out-of-production piece, they’re easy to replace. And even those are easier to replace than a kidney, or the roof over your kid’s heads. Don’t lose perspective.

So does Les:

Somehow I don’t think he’s seen the last of his gun buying. He probably won’t replace all of the ones he sold, because part of the fun is seeking something out and trying something new, but I have the feeling he’ll get the fever again once his finances recover.

Sale Reminder

I still have a few items left for sale and they are listed below. Sorry, the 90 rounder and 6X24 scope are gone. Make an offer if interested.
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Media follow SayUncle?

Yeah, you guys got tired of the major announcement bit. But it seems to me that the media are doing the same thing with this whole Plame/Rove/Wilson/whatever mess. For like four days, the news has been nothing yet but it’s coming.

I tried hard

To come up with a gay pun for Sulu but couldn’t. So, just the news:

George Takei, who as helmsman Sulu steered the Starship Enterprise through three television seasons and six movies, has come out as a homosexual in the current issue of Frontiers, a biweekly Los Angeles magazine covering the gay and lesbian community.

Update: Well, that pun is pretty bad.

October 27, 2005

Canada to sue US gun makers?

No, really:

Justice ministers across the country will ponder next month an Ottawa proposal to sue U.S. gun manufacturers as part of a strategy to curb the movement of illegal firearms across the border.

Federal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler made the suggestion earlier this week, saying more than half the guns used in homicides in Canada originate in the United States.

Stupid Canadians, don’t they know those evil gun makers are immune. More:

But Sanjeev Anand, a professor of constitutional and criminal law at the University of Alberta, said he’s not sure Cotler’s idea would be effective.

“If someone buys a gun in the States and smuggles it into Canada, how can you blame the manufacturer for making it available — which is something you can already do under American law?”

A more effective approach, said Anand, would be for Ottawa to take direct action and tighten up security at ports and border crossings.

You know, some smart cracker said the same thing yesterday.

I only need 8 of you

Apparently, a 9 person protest warrants page B01 coverage for the Washington Post.

Start the anti-Gonzales push now

My fellow conservative-ish sorts, you have a job to do. It is to start opposing Alberto Gonzales right now before he gets nominated to the Supreme Court. No, really.

Fuckin’ A – Miers withdraws

Miers withdraws! Good.

Mark Coffey asks:

Where do we go from here?

Janice Rogers Brown or Alex Kozinski get my vote.

Update: Say, you think this is to counter the Fitzmas that will supposedly occur when indictments are handed down? Because I’ll tell you now, if Bush nominates Brown or Kozinski, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to me if Karl Rove and Dick Cheney both strangled hookers. Or puppies.

Update 2: Don Surber says:

OK, I was wrong. You were right. Hey, was it worth killing the Bush presidency? Prediction: Democratic Congress in 2006. That means winning 24 of 33 Senate seats. They will do it.


I think a loss would force these guys to get back on track. But given Surber’s track record on predictions . . .

Update 3: Cam Edwards:

How long before someone on the Left suggests her entire nomination was a Rovian plot to distract from any possible indictments handed down by Patrick Fitzgerald? You know, nominate her with the idea that she’ll withdraw the day indictments are handed down in order to distract the media with two big stories?

I give it 90 minutes. I’m sure you can find a comment either on Democratic Underground or Daily Kos.

I am far from liberal and think that is highly likely.

That’s a thinker – and a follow up

Bob Krumm:

could clinton have survived the blogosphere?

Just a question. Conversely, would Bush be better liked in a pre-blog world?

Just as television changed the presidency circa 1960, is the internet now forcing a similar change?

It seems to me that neither the current President, nor the last one have been well-equipped.

Good question. Yeah, Drudge was a thorn in Clinton’s side but what about blogs? The dissemination of opinion and news is no longer controlled by corporations and news agencies. In my opinion, said news agencies tend to go easy on the administration because if they push too hard, they lose access to the powers that be. That would put them out of a job. Once something is on fire and sitting on the White House lawn, they have to cover it. People like me who don’t have access and don’t really want it, could care less about keeping it.

Also, here’s something I’ve pondered: Can blogs survive a new presidency? See, lots of political blogging hacks have dedicated a ton of pixels to promoting their side or to poo-pooing the other side. So, when their guys are in or out of power, many bloggers will become hypocrites. I think, often times, bloggers forget they have archives. And the fact is the next administration (regardless of party) will carry forward some policies their opposition has lambasted. Will they continue to do that? Or defend them? Or ignore them? You don’t really think Kerry would have pulled the US out of Iraq, do you?

Update: Somewhat related, Joe Public:

But now is it going to be even worse? Has the internet done this to us?

And Michael Silence asks:

Are so many blogs and opinions burning us out?

Take the poll

OK, I posed the question about the direction the gun lobby should take but GLN already had a poll up (a while back and I missed since I use bloglines). Go on over there and take it, it’s on the right hand side.

Update: I see that National CCW is currently the winner. I don’t think that’s a good idea and here’s why:

It doesn’t help folks in places that have bans (or near bans) on handguns, like DC and Chicago. Additionally, mandated CCW would motivate anti-gun states to push for just outright bans on ownership (Sure, you can carry but you can’t own them). Also, I think it’s probably a waste of resources to do at the state level in states like NY, CA, and Illinois. Because it won’t pass. Ever. It is more likely to pass at the Federal level.

For this reason, my vote went for repealing the Hughes Amendment. Actually, it was tie between that and repealing the sporting purposes language. So, I flipped a coin.

As an interesting side note: With the exception of national CCW, all other options involve repealing something. So, memo to the NRA:

We don’t want new laws, we want the repeal of old laws.

The Local War On Porn

Tennessee continues its misguided fight against adult establishments. This time, it’s Chattanooga.

Speaking of, I’ve seen a couple of billboards around Knoxville that say:

Pornography Victimizes Women and Children

What? If there is pornography that victimizes children, it is illegal and immoral. Equating pedophilia with regular old porn is a bit disingenuous if you ask me.