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Five Questions: Countertop

The five questions meme continues. Ben and Publicola are next. [Update: And Kirk (yeah, I’m doing an extra one, sue me)]. All slots full, sorry.

It’s Countertop’s turn.

1 – As someone who has endorsed the Republican party, where do you see them headed? Specifically, a lot of people (ahem, me) who used to vote Republican are becoming disenchanted with them and are no longer happy with the fact that they are just not Democrats. Are the Rs going to reach out to people like me or say to Hell with us?

2 – Why exactly do countertop’s need chronicling?

3 – You live in (or maybe near?) DC and you are a firearm enthusiast. How hard is that? And what’s in your firearm collection?

4 – Heard any good jokes lately?

5 – IIRC, you’re some sort of lawyer. What type? I assume you have political aspirations being a lawyer in DC?

One Response to “Five Questions: Countertop”

  1. countertop Says:

    Answers are posted.

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