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Hero Round Up

Denise of the Ten Ring has the definitive round up of coverage regarding the Tyler, TX shooting where Mark Wilson gave his life to save others.

The Geek notes the services have come and gone. He also has a letter from a friend of Mr. Wilson in response to an anti gun piece in the press.

Update: The Geek has photos from the services.

Update 2: Publicola weighs in (mu nu is back!).

As does Kim du Toit.

Update 3: Michael Bane has more and notes:

You’ll notice you didn’t see Mark Wilson’s friends and relatives on The Today Show or Good Morning America or CNN. You also didn’t read newspaper stories about how a heroic man sacrificed himself for people whose names he never knew.

My friends, this is media bias in its most vicious form — America needs to know Mark Wilson’s story, that a civilian with a gun bought enough time for the police to get set up. How can Americans truly understand the progun and the antigun side if only one side of the news is reported?

John Lott has more on the bias.

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