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Buy a gun day

April 15th is buy a gun to annoy, well, anyone who would be annoyed that you’d buy a gun (in my case, that may be the wife). These folks have signed on:

Counter Top
Zendo Deb
American Drum Slinger (nice pic)

I’m pondering my next purchase. Building one of these or buying one of these and a Walther P22.

Update: Also, Heartless Libertarian.

11 Responses to “Buy a gun day”

  1. North Georgia Dogma » Decisions, decisions… - Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate give this site the thumbs up Says:

    […] place to argue about who’s money it is. Just trust me]. I have decided to support Buy A New Gun Day. To make it all deliciously ironic (ironilicious?), I am going to […]

  2. Heartless Libertarian Says:

    Hey, add me to the list…actually, I already bought mine since I got my refund on Friday.

    So I bought myself a WASR-10 with bayo lug, angle muzzle comp, and East German (I think) folder. $380 from Classic Arms at the gunshow in Charlotte. (Yeah, I know the price is a bit higher than what the site shows. But I didn’t have to pay shipping or FFL fees.)

    I’ll probably get an CZ-52 in April as a further “just to piss the grabbers off” gun.

  3. cube Says:

    I put a springfield xd 40 caliber on layway on feb 15. I have sixty days to get it paid off, so i will be getting a gun before april 15.

  4. Jay G Says:

    Count me in, Unc.

    Even better, for the ultimate in irony, I intend to use my MASSACHUSETTS income tax refund to buy my gun.

    I want to get a .22LR revolver, but it’s mighty tempting to pick up a WASR-10 just for the ten million irony points…

  5. Denise Says:

    I never need a reason to buy a gun. I just need the cash. You can bet I’ll be using my Federal tax refund for this purpose. And, Jay G I live in New Hampshire, but work in Massachusetts. I have to pay MA income tax, but they don’t let me take certain deductions. My MA refund is enough to buy a box of cartridges though. Think that is worth some irony points?

  6. SayUncle Says:

    “I never need a reason to buy a gun. I just need the cash. ”


  7. tgirsch Says:

    Believe it or not, I may be in on this one. You just have to help convince me which recreational pistol I should get. My only criteria: bigger caliber than a .22; manual safety; ammo that’s not ridiculously expensive.

  8. SayUncle Says:

    In terms of ammo prices, your best bet would likely be a 9MM. Of course, some will tell you that the 9mm is not effective for defense and with ball ammo, they’re correct. However, if you buy some Magsafes or Hydrashocks just for defense, you’re probably OK.

    Since I prefer handguns without manual safeties (Sigs and Glocks), I’m probably not the best to ask. I know Rich likes his Springfield XD (it has no manual safety per se, but has a grip safety) and H&K’s USP series (some models have safeties) are nice.

  9. Justin Says:

    Seeing that I used some of my refund on an Ar, I fure what the helllmay as well buy another one eh? I’m in the mood/looking for a .40 Glock.

  10. Fox Says:

    I’m in, I was looking to get a Krebs Custom KTR-03S sometime soon…

  11. Toys in the Attic Says:

    Decisions, decisions…

    Just did my taxes. Once again, we’re due a hefty refund. [NOTE: This is not the place to argue about whose money it is. Just trust me].

    I have decided to support Buy A New Gun Day.

    To make it all deliciously ironic (ironilicious?), I am goin…

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