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Female readers, look away. For anyone who remembers subservient chicken comes the virtual bartender, which is a hotter version. Type a command and see what happens. My favorites: do push ups and eat a banana.

Update: kiss is a good one too.

Update 2: You must enter fight! Now!

44 Responses to “Entertaining”

  1. mx5 Says:

    Thanks a lot, man. I know of at least three other people whose afternoon productivity is now totally shot. 🙂

  2. SayUncle Says:

    WEll, keep posted on any good commands then.

  3. mx5 Says:

    Jump, dance, bend over, pour, light. Strip was amusing. As was jiggle.

  4. cube Says:

    strip, kick (all pg-13)

  5. SayUncle Says:

    Fight is awesome!

  6. mx5 Says:

    Cartwheel! Cartwheel!

    I’m not mentioning some of the others that have produced results. I need to get back to work.

  7. Bruce Says:

    there goes my afternoon

  8. Bruce Says:


  9. Bruce Says:


  10. mx5 Says:


  11. Michael Says:

    This is just truely a sick, twisted and horrible waste of time…

    I love it!

  12. tgirsch Says:


  13. tgirsch Says:

    Also “kung fu”

  14. cowboy blob Says:

    Thanks a lot! I’m finally motivated to get off my sucky dial-up!

  15. Cowboy Blob Says:

    Better than a Chicken
    The geniuses at have done BK’s Subservient Chicken a billion times better. Introducing Virtual Bartender!

  16. counterop Says:


  17. counterop Says:


  18. counterop Says:

    Kiss is hot!!!!!

  19. gunner Says:

    “Show some skin” gets a nice butt shot

  20. tgirsch Says:


  21. tgirsch Says:

    Also “handstand”

  22. tgirsch Says:

    I knew there was something wrong with her. She doesn’t understand “cook” or “clean.” >:)

  23. tgirsch Says:

    Oh yeah, “tap” is fun.

  24. tgirsch Says:

    And not that I’m obsessed with this or anything, but try “orgasm”

  25. tgirsch Says:

    Or “shirt”

  26. tgirsch Says:

    Interesting: “wet” seems to break it.

  27. tgirsch Says:


  28. tgirsch Says:


  29. tgirsch Says:


  30. SayUncle Says:

    Ya, wet, shower and bathe seem to break it.

  31. gman Says:


  32. counterop Says:

    Jumping Jacks!!!!!!

    Gym class was never so much fun

  33. counterop Says:

    dog is bizarre though she won’t do doggy

  34. countertop Says:

    You might also try simply Beer

  35. countertop Says:


  36. mx5 Says:

    Lambada or macarena (same result either way) are quite fun. Can’t believe I’m looking at this again, SU you bastard… 🙂

  37. mx5 Says:

    “be bad” was disturbing.

  38. tgirsch Says:


    You can type “be [anything]” or just “be” and get that result.

  39. tgirsch Says:

    We’ve still missed:

    pillow fight

    A pretty good list in the comments here.

  40. Heartless Libertarian Says:

    “Lesbian” is amusing

  41. tgirsch Says:

    The “lesbian” bit is the same thing she does for countless other suggestions, like “blow” and “sex.”

  42. Jeff Says:


  43. Chris Says:

    Try dance on the bar. we need to move the camera though

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