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And There Was Much Rejoicing

I guess I should be super-happy because the AWB expired, but I’m not. Nope, I’m just angry.

I’m angry that the press still have the public convinced that there actually IS such a thing as an “assault weapon.”

I’m angry because ignorant people keep throwing around neologisms like “assault weapon” and prating about how “nobody needs an AK-47 to hunt deer” (as if that had anything to do with the 2nd Amendment), or flatly asserting that “these weapons have no place in our society,” with absolutely NO supporting facts or logic.

I’m angry because the gun banners kept bleating that the streets are going to be “flooded” with firearms when the ban goes away…even though the “ban” didn’t get rid of a single existing gun.

I’m angry that there are enough disgusting, treasonous politicians out there that this kind of obviously un-Constitutional legislation can be passed.

I’m angry that we spent 10 years chafing about what’s essentially a stupid, piddly, little law—I mean, banning guns because they have bayonet lugs fer crissake—if it weren’t so obvious that the real intent of this law were to ratchet us toward DiFi’s “turn ’em in” utopia.

I’m angry that this stupid, piddly, little law has distracted us from the REAL fight, which is reviving the idea of the armed citizen, which is itself only a milestone on the path restoring a semblance of Constitutional government at the national level.

I may be physically exhausted from lack of sleep, but I’m also mentally tired of reacting to the enemy (that’s what the VPC and their like are…the enemies of free men). I want to take the fight to THEM. I want to get inside THEIR decision cycle and make them react to us. There’s the rub: I’m not sure how to do that.

There is a bright side. We didn’t get here overnight, and so we’re not going to leave overnight. I know that I can’t convince the whole world, or even a significant portion thereof, of the righteousness of our cause. What I can do is raise my son to value this most fundamental right of all mankind, and teach him and his peers that guns aren’t to be feared by the innocent—that a gun in the hand of a free and honest man is a threat only to tyranny and evil.

Oh, and now that the so-called “assault weapons ban” has expired, I can buy him a nice rifle with a folding stock and a bayonet lug.

Mild profanity follows:
UPDATE: Oh yeah—I’m also angry that it had all you bloggers arguing over what is and what isn’t a “pistol grip” on a shotgun. Yes the law is vague, but why is there a law regarding pistol grips on guns anyway? It’s because the gun-sissies maintain that a pistol grip makes a gun more deadly because it allows the gun to be “spray fired from the hip.” This is preposterous to those of use who’ve actually, you know, shot guns, but it makes perfect sense if you consider the source: a bunch of yahoos who think their arguments are more effective because they’re spray-fired from the ass.

8 Responses to “And There Was Much Rejoicing”

  1. Travis Henckel Says:

    I am glad that the ban is gone!!!! The only people it really hurt was the honest law abiding citizens that like to go out to the range and have FUN with their guns while also teaching our Youth the respect and responsibility involved with owning firearms! Face it, we are responsible for the kids of tomorrow going out and making decisions with a gun in there hands! If we teach them the “do’s & don’ts” they are the next generation of RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERS! The Government shouldn’t be able to tell us what we can and can’t enjoy when it comes to our beloved firearms.
    I also would like to say that if we were stripped of the right to have these “assault weapons” who would protect us from our own government when they decide to force laws on us? How many of us could defend ourselves and family with a bolt action or single shot while staring down the crooks auto barrel(while this is stretched a little, its what the government, espescially Pres. Can. Kerry and Sen. Feinstein would like to see us stripped to)!

  2. Gunscribe Says:

    Don’t feel alone Uncle, I have been experiencing the same thing all day today.

    I have been a bit pissed off all day.
    I am glad you wrote about it, it made feel a little better knowing that I’m not the only one.

    Now that is is dead and behind us I am angry that we had to go through that crap at all.

    Keep on Uncle Keep on

  3. Gunscribe Says:

    oops I ment Thibodeaux sorry ’bout that and Congratulations on the youngster.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    Thib, well said!

  5. Thibodeaux Says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys. Travis, I’m glad that the ban is gone, too, but it’s the kind of glad that you get when you get the cast off your leg after you broke it doing something stupid.

  6. Travis Henckel Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the broken leg analogy. All we can do is stick together and try to spread the word! I do know that this is like beating a dead horse with a stick thanks to mass medias portrail of us and firearms but with websites like yours and knowledgeable sportsmans groups we can put up ONE HELL OF A FIGHT!!! Take care and keep up the good work!

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