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February 29, 2004

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone

I’ve been in the market for a 22 caliber sound suppressor for a while now. I’ve been checking out a few brands:

Advanced Armament

I decided that they were too expensive. In addition to those prices, you also have to pay a $200 transfer tax. Then I had a thought: Being the cheapskate that I am and my tendency to build things, I’ll build one. Then I’m just out money for parts and the $200 tax.

Long story short, I did some quick web searches for suppressor designs and the searches always linked to thousands of things that were either links to books you could buy from shady people, or militia whackos. The searches were pointless. I don’t want to buy a book and I don’t want to support some separatist weirdos.

What was the solution to finding suppressor designs? Well, (dramatic pause for irony) the solution was none other than the US Patent Office. I particularly like this one, complete with pictures (click the Images button).

Anyone out there a machinist?

Gun Bill Stuff

The NRA has responded and is denying rumors that it cut a deal to get the immunity bill by not opposing the gun show law and the Assault Weapons Ban.

KABA states it’s the first time the NRA has issued a response to their criticism. Also, the Geek’s unverified facts indicate that people were burning up the phone lines.

Publicola explains (and I agree) why the rumor may have been a good thing.

February 27, 2004

Maryland Assault Weapons Ban – I will be heard

Cool. I am the number one google for maryland assault weapons ban. Beating out Join Together, The Brady Campaign, and Cease Fire Maryland. Go me.

Quote of the day

I got a calendar that lists dumb things people have said. Today’s is a beauty:

My colleagues and I are upset by this blatant attempt to replace diversity with fairness.

NJ State Assemblymen Joseph Doria – D on a bill repealing racial and gender preferences. Little Freudian slip.

Assault Weapons Ban Update

The geek reports the anti gunners are getting more desperate:

In a move that indicates an acknowledgment that this bill has no chance at all of seeing the light of day, McCarthy and several other representatives introduced H.R.3831 several days ago.

Shockingly, this bill only appears to renew (for another 10 years) the “assault weapon” portion of the ban, and allows the “high capacity” magazine restrictions to sunset in September of this year as provided for in the original law. Clearly, these anti-gun politicians are hoping that, with the removal of the magazine ban, opposition to the AWB will wane as fewer gun owners feel they will be directly affected by the ban.

Desperate, indeed.

Sign of desperation

Jed emails a link to this:

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence this morning delivered a complaint to the Senate Ethics Committee, arguing that Senator Larry Craig has “impermissibly acted in his capacity as a Senator to further the interests, including the financial interests, of an organization for which he serves as a member of the Board of Directors.”

Senator Craig (R-ID) is the Sponsor and Senate Floor Manager of the bill before the Senate that would provide broad immunity from civil litigation to gun manufacturers, gun dealers and trade associations in the gun industry. As a trade association under the definition of the bill, the National Rifle Association (NRA) would benefit from the legislation. Senator Craig serves on the Board of Directors of the NRA. “Because of this conflict of interest, Senator Craig should immediately recuse himself from any further action on this bill, including any votes,” said Michael Barnes, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence united with the Million Mom March.

The complaint states “nothing could present a more obvious and glaring conflict than that presented here, where an agent or representative of the NRA (Senator Craig) is attempting to carve out unique and unprecedented immunity from the civil justice system for the NRA, some of its members, and the rest of the gun industry. What makes the conflict here particularly extraordinary is that Senator Craig is using his legislative position to carve out a narrow, special exemption to the law that only applies to his organization and its gun industry members and allies, in order to further their financial interests.” It is signed by Barnes.

Nevermind that Craig has used, ya know, facts and stuff to support his contentions. It really is a sign of desperation, in my opinion. 36 or so states with concealed weapons permits, gun control is unpopular, the house won’t renew the ban. They’re on the losing side, they know it, and they’re desperate for something.

Maryland Assault Weapons Ban Update

The guy considered the swing vote says he won’t vote for it. Cool.

At a glance, NPR liberal bias

Tom says find the NPR bias. I’m pressed for time but figure I’d do something. Well, a quick google and:

NPR admits it.

A FAIR alert.

NPR’s coverage of the Israeli conflict.

Update: Rich found some bias there today.

Government at work

The continuing war against the self-employed:

Via Mises, a teen who started his own successful business of rat proofing roofs has been shut down by the state.

U Got Fired – Technology Bites


South Korea’s third-largest credit card issuer fired a quarter of its workforce via mobile phone text messages on Friday, after negotiations with striking unionized workers broke down.

When I was finishing up graduate work, I was looking for a job. I interviewed with SAP. The interview went well and the interviewer told me to expect a call some time soon. Long story short: SAP started not doing well.

Then SAP did one of the dumbest things in the history of dumb things. They sent out a mass email to 60+ potential employment candidates that had a Power Point attachment. I get the email and am excited. I think that it’s an itinerary, some HR paperwork, or a schedule of some kind. I open the Power Point file and it’s one page instructing all 60+ of us that SAP was going through lay offs and wouldn’t be hiring any of us.

SAP should have called each of us individually. At the least, they should have sent individual emails without the Power Point files telling us that. The group was pretty mad about it and a volley of emails went back and forth telling them how unprofessional they were. Some SAP shill intimated that it was the most efficient way and SAP was an efficient company. Lame. No excuse for treating people like that.

I hoped some HR peon got fired over that. I didn’t want to move to Atlanta any way.

On a lighter note, in 1997 a girl I was dating dumped me via email. That was pretty bad but I don’t hold a mildly neurotic woman to the same standards as I would a company like SAP.

See, I told you

I told you Jeff’s banner looked like boobs.

John on Guns

A must read.

Mustgo Update

I gave the recipe for Mustgo a bit back. Tommy has some advice on what to avoid.

I guess it is odd to list a recipe that tells people to use their own judgment.

Editorial Update

I have confirmed my editorial is in The Prince George’s Sentinel. It’s not on their online version. Any Maryland residents out there who want to send me a copy?

Gun Bill and Assault Weapons Round Up

Here’s a discussion of the armor piercing bullet amendment.

The Senate passes the amendment to the bill for safety locks.

The special privilege law exempts cops and retired cops from local CCW restrictions.

The DC chief of police is telling Hatch to withdraw the amendment that repeals the DC gun ban. Chief, how’s that ban working out for you? DC still have that low crime rate? No. Oh, wonder why.

DiFi and company are accusing Bush of political trickery. Bush said he’d sign the ban and they’re upset that he’s not really twisting arms to push this political placebo through.

The Democrat amendments could kill the bill. Well, yeah. I think that’s the point. At this point, I hope it’s killed too. I’ve always been kind of lukewarm over the immunity bill. I like it because it’s a slap in the face to the anti-gun folks but if it didn’t pass it wouldn’t break my heart.

Another liar intimates the AWB affects machine guns. Give it a rest guys.

Spoons opines on the coincidience of the Columbine report being released and the senate debating the gun bill.

Publicola has more. As does the geek.


The NRA has rather strongly denied rumors of some back room deal on the gun bill as has been speculated. Still, I think the rumors (if founded or not) were good because it got a lot of people to call their senators and it got people to call the NRA and tell them no dice.

February 26, 2004

I have not laughed this hard in a while

First, I thought this was hysterical. But this is just brutal.

Meanwhile, Day by Day is (as the saying goes) like Doonesbury but funny.

What liberal media?

Tom is looking for examples of liberal bias at NPR. I would research it but me and the Mrs. are busy packing knickknacks while watching CSPAN’s coverage of the gun bill.

Go show him some. I should point out that it is hard to do a post on because NPR’s site posts everything in audio and not transcripts. No, I don’t think it’s a conspiracy to avoid being fisked but it is odd.

Gun Bill Update

If I understand this right, Mikulski wants an amendment that would exempt any case involving Malvo/Mohammad from protection that would be provided by the protection bill. Ludicrous.

While senators accuse judges of legislating from the bench, she’s advocating judging from the floor of the senate. Dumb.

Gun Bill Update

They’re voting on the armor piercing bullets amendment, which is lame. It increases penalties for using armor piercing bullets in crime. Unfortunately, it looks as though they have defined armor piercing bullets to be any centerfire rifle cartridge. Of course, they need that definition as cop killers don’t really exist.

Gun Bill Update

Looks like they’re back on topic. Craig is discussing how none of these laws would have stopped the DC snipers.

We’re winning

CCW in Missouri. Go team.

Another gun bill blogger

Michael is blogging it too.

Go read him and the Geek. I’m getting tired of watching and they’re discussing some unemployment stuff.

Gun Bill Update

Kennedy babbled on about cop killer bullets, which coincidentally have killed exactly zero cops because they don’t exist. Mumbling about Al Qaeda buying these non-existent rounds at gun shows.

Kennedy opposes the law enforcement carry bill (I guess because he doesn’t want off duty southern police roaming through Mass).

Other stuff about handgun .50 cals taking out helicopters.

Gun Bill Update

Looks like they’re voting to add a child safety lock amendment which requires child locks on all guns and that they meet some sort of standard set by some arbitrary official.

This idea is lame. Sure, they may come with locks but if people don’t put them on they don’t function. Plus, someone said 90% of current guns come with them any way.

Update: I’m hearing an awful lot of Ayes.

More: Frist said Aye.

Still more: Amendment passed, will be attached. Reed says to reconsider. The special privilege law enforcement bill (allows current and retired police to carry nationwide) is up next.

Unimportant update: Dodd is lying through his teeth. Now he says he represents more gun manufacturers than any other senator (he is in CT) but he calls the immunity bill unforgivable.

Unimportant update again: Dewine wants to name the CCW bill after somebody. Because that is apparently important. Don’t these morons have better things to do with their time and my money?

Any readers from Maryland?

Supposedly, my editorial will appear in today’s Prince George Sentinel. If any readers are in MD, can someone send me a copy. The online version isn’t up.

Quote of the day

The geek:

Hon, they where flat out lying. Bold faced lying. As in pissing off God, making baby Jesus cry, goin’ to hell lying.

Amendments proposed

Looks like yesterday’s amendments are up:


No comment


Exempts law enforcement from CCW requirements. Special privilege nonsense.

That’s only two. Supposedly, there were four then a slew was added last night.

Gun Bill Round Up

The AP:

Legislation that protects gun manufacturers and distributors against lawsuits involving gun crimes passed its first Senate test Wednesday.

Democrats said the cost to Republicans would be public votes on extending the assault weapons ban and requiring comprehensive background checks at gun shows.

The bill providing for immunity from lawsuits won the support of 75 senators in a test vote, and opponents acknowledged the measure has the backing to pass. Still, several Democrats and Republicans plan to force votes on less popular gun measures.

“We all know this underlying bill has legs. That’s why we want to get some amendments on there,” said Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.

Democrats want to add a plan that deals with gun shows, where unlicensed sellers do not have to check buyers’ backgrounds. They also want to extend for 10 more years the ban on assault weapons, which will expire in September.

“If we can’t amend this bill to add the assault weapons ban, we’re not going to have another vehicle this year,” said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.

But the bill’s Republican supporters insist that any attempt to make changes would simply amount to an attempt to kill the bill. For example, the GOP-controlled House already has said it does not plan to approve an extension of the assault weapons ban.

Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, a sponsor of the bill, said the amendments were an “attempt to divert legislation and delay final consideration.”

The White House, which has indicated support for the assault weapons ban and the gun show measure, called on the Senate to pass the legislation without amendments.

“Any amendment that would delay enactment of the bill beyond this year is unacceptable,” according to a White House statement released late Tuesday.

Democrats took that statement as an indication that President Bush was backing off his support for those two separate measures. “For the president to say he’s for the assault weapons ban and act against it, that is a flip-flop if I’ve ever seen one,” Schumer said.

John Lott warns the immunity bill could be shot down. If there are AWB and the other amendments attached, it needs to be shot down.

John Warner (RINO-VA) has completely reversed his position from ten years ago. Guess he doesn’t like his day job because I doubt he’ll have it much longer.

Speaking of, it is odd that Daschle co-sponsored the immunity bill and has been satisfied with Bush’s Iraq efforts. I think Alphie is right, Daschle must be in election trouble at home. Liberals in conservative states usually are.

And in case you don’t know it, Lautenberg is a liar. It was funny to watch his Freudian slip in which he referred to liberal, uhm frivolous lawsuits. I’m not being smarmy, he really said it like that.

Door to door nut confiscation

Well, this is pretty bad (it’s New Zealand):

Christchurch’s menacing dog breeds to be neutered

Christchurch owners of American Pit Bull Terriers and Dogo Argentino dogs will be visited in the next few weeks to be informed that their dogs are now classified as menacing and need to be neutered.

Christchurch City Council Animal Control Team leader, Mark Vincent said, members of his team will visit the dog owners to discuss the new classification recently introduced by central government and the Council requirement that they be neutered. The breeds and types of dogs that the Council is now required by law to classify as menacing are Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa, Brazilian Fila and American Pit Bull Terrier.

“There are currently three dogs registered as Dogo Argentino and 265 registered as American Pit Bull Terriers and American Pit Bull Terrier Crosses in Christchurch,” Mr Vincent said