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November 30, 2003

Speaking of Loss of Face

An update to the Rush Limbaughtomy thing from NZB. Barry Bozeman had all his blogs but one suspended.

I am about to break my own rule and link to one of Barry Bozeman’s sites where he tries to justify his actions with his usual bullshit (go here and scroll, he spends three posts justifying himself). He blames the opposition and then talks about his integrity. I’ve never known him to have any. Barry Bozeman has been caught lying a couple of times.

Preemptive: I don’t use sitemeter because I find it misses about 30% of my hits. I’ll stick with Webalizer, thanks. But if my readers are curious, here are my stats:

Summary by Month
Month Daily Avg Monthly
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
4013 3130 1978 602 6198 2197727 18072 59357 93920 120408
3172 1744 1632 443 5080 1589745 13746 50622 54086 98332
3127 1327 1370 416 4140 1293920 12483 41129 39823 93817
1565 921 1044 267 2950 754812 8283 32391 28551 48533
2020 1642 934 329 4811 838379 10216 28957 50913 62621
1247 1025 552 145 644 203242 2038 7737 14356 17467
Totals 6877825 64838 220193 281649 441178
November 29, 2003

Yeah, I knew that already

Kinda funny. Via John of Argghhh!, it seems that The Politburo Diktat busted some moonbat blogger (it’s just one) doctoring sitemeter and TLB ecosystem stats.

NZ Bear has put on a notice of suspension to the culprit, Barry Bozeman of Rush Limbaughtomy.

But some of us were on to him in August: here, here, and here.

One note though, it is not the league of liberals, it is one guy running multiple blogs.


Got one of the issues fixed that caused the several hundred links to my site from the Carnival to be counted. I had to reconfigure MT settings to point at the proper directory. Apparently, there are still 11 (of 125) links being counted which puts my real inbound total at 114. That still puts me as a large mammal.

Anyone know how fix the remaining inbound links? I’m stumped.

November 28, 2003

Ah, the pleasant sounds of moonbats chirping

A summary of the moonbat rhetoric over the Bush visit to Iraq. And another, which is far more, uhm, what’s the word? Oh yeah, bat shit crazy.

When representatives from your ideology/political party act this way, it explains things like November 2002. In case you were, ya know, wondering about that.

November 27, 2003

I agree, it’s awful

Brian links to the story of a Representative not playing ball and the threats against his and his son’s career. It is an awful display of politics. Sadly, it’s business as usual. Every member of congress is very likely bought and paid for by someone for something. Democrat and Republican alike.

Quote of the Day

Michael Graham:

WHAT CAN PRESIDENT BUSH DO IN BAGHDAD THAT SADDAM HUSSEIN CAN’T? Appear in public. If that doesn’t send a message to the Ba’athists and their would-be allies, I don’t know what does.

Oh, Hillary’s in Afghanistan and I’m sure the troops are loving that.

Via Insty.

Not the first time I’ve seen something like this

A gun banner wishes for the founder of Keep and Bear Arms family to be murdered:

You are nothing more than sick fucks who represent everything that is wrong with America (and pretty much the world). You are every bit a fanatic as the Sept 11th terrorists and I believe that people like you are responsible when innocent people get killed by guns.

What possible reason can a normal guy have for owning an AK47? I would love to hear your answer for that although I already can gues it, “Blah blah 2nd ammendmant blah blah.” Well how about not reciting garbage like that and actually answer the dam question.

I can only hope that your mother, wife and children get gunned down and die slowly when they are walking the streets quietly minding their own business. Maybe this will teach you a lesson you sick fuck.

John Bellamy

Oh my. And we gun nuts are supposedly dangerous. Send this sick bastard a note.

Thanksgiving Edition of the VTP

Buddy Don has the latest Volunteer Tailgate Party.

Happy Thanksgiving.

November 26, 2003

I’m speechless

You need to read this. It will make you think about a few things.

Thanks B.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish my minions a happy and safe holiday. Bet you didn’t even know you were a minion.

Good Grief!

PC gone too far:

Los Angeles officials have asked that manufacturers, suppliers and contractors stop using the terms “master” and “slave” on computer equipment, saying such terms are unacceptable and offensive.

The request — which has some suppliers furious and others busy re-labeling components — came after an unidentified worker spotted a videotape machine carrying devices labeled “master” and “slave” and filed a discrimination complaint with the county’s Office of Affirmative Action Compliance.

In related news, computer manufacturers have starting labeling parts as White Devil and Uppity Negro.

While we address this critical and vital issue in race relations, SayUncle estimates that in America today: 21 black people will commit murder; 22 black people will be murdered; 506 black people will be arrested for drug trafficking crimes; 1,000,000 black people are in prison; and 26,500,000 black people live in poverty.


Bubba recently received his 250,000 visitor. This resulted in me checking my site statistics and apparently at some point this month, we here at SayUncle hit the 100,000 mark (currently at 107,314 visitors).

To steal Bubba’s joke, thanks to the few of you who come here and hit reload (Ed Note: most of those are you!).

Note to Ed: Those Ed Note jokes are never really funny.

Ed Note: OK, we’ll knock it off

Update: The Shooters’ Carnival is pushing about 4,000.

Michael Jackson’s To Do List


Drug Bill

Buddy Don sums up the new MedisCare bill in the way that only he can.

Bubba’s on the first page

Hey, Bubba is now a playful primate.

Biting the bullet has a good summary of the pending Silviera v. Lockyer case:

Now, some advocates of gun rights are hoping the Supreme Court will finally bite the bullet and grant review in Silveira v. Lockyer, No. 03-51, a challenge to California’s strict 1999 assault weapon ban. The case is one of dozens the justices are set to discuss at their private conference Wednesday. A decision by the Court whether to grant review could be announced as soon as Dec. 1. The Court also meets in conference Dec. 5.

The Silveira case, brought by a group of “California gentlemen,” according to their brief, asks the Court to reverse a December 2002 ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that upheld the state law, first enacted in 1989 and broadened in 1999. In an extensive section of the ruling on the Second Amendment, Judge Stephen Reinhardt found the amendment “does not establish an individual right to own or possess firearms for personal or other use.” Reinhardt’s liberal rulings are often scrutinized and reversed by the Court.

When the 9th Circuit was asked to review the ruling en banc, the majority said no — and four judges wrote dissents to that decision.

“The panel’s labored effort to smother the Second Amendment by sheer body weight has all the grace of a sumo wrestler trying to kill a rattlesnake by sitting on it — and is just as likely to succeed,” Judge Alex Kozinski wrote in a dissent, referring to Reinhardt’s lengthy discussion of the Second Amendment.

The last time the Supreme Court expressed a formal view on the meaning of the Second Amendment was in the 1939 case United States v. Miller. Although the meaning of the ruling in Miller is still debated, it framed the discussion of the Second Amendment right in terms of the needs of organized militias, not individuals. Ever since, the Court has denied review in cases that would force it to re-examine its stance.

November 25, 2003

RTB Announcement

Via Bubba (who is 3 links a way from being a Playful Primate in the TLB ecosystem, i.e., on page one – link to him damn it) come some new members to the Rocky Top Brigade:

The Golden Calf: Another UTK blogger who appears to be a bit to the right.

In a Mays: Another right wing guy, who I encourage to go on that cruise because they’re awesome. However, plan on spending double what you budget for drinks. Trust me.

The Conservative Zone: Surprisingly, he’s a lefty. No, I kid.

Goobage: Who apparently created that name so I can no longer hit F6 in Internet Explorer and type Goo to get Google. And I, being the resident Uncle, am pleased to announce that the RTB has an Aunt. A conspiracy, I say.

Welcome all!

Pondering Children?

Then take this test. Tell me how you do!

Up is down, black is white, SayUncle is confused

So, the senate has passed this sweeping MedisCare bill. I have no opinion really on the bill because 1) I oppose the government’s involvement in healthcare, except as a regulatory agency (do you really want the guys that spend $900 on a hammer managing your healthcare?); and 2) MedisCare is a sacred cow that no one can ever touch. But I digress. What is funny is this:

Seniors “will finally have the prescription drug coverage they need and the choices they deserve,” Senate Majority Bill Frist of Tennessee said. “At the same time, it preserves traditional Medicare.”

Republicans continue to be more like Democrats. Heck, I’m starting to miss the two party system.

One bad apple vs. another one

It seems the IRS is auditing the NEA:

The IRS is auditing the nation’s largest teachers union, scrutinizing an organization that works energetically to elect candidates but files tax returns reporting zero political expenditures from member dues.

The National Education Association promised Monday to cooperate, but its president, Reg Weaver, said the union “will not be silenced” by the audit or the conservative law firm that requested it.

NEA spokeswoman Kathleen Lyons said the audit began last week. “It will be a complete, thorough audit,” she said. “The IRS has not singled out any particular aspect of our activities.”

Weaver and Lyons predicted the association would be exonerated, contending the IRS found no problems when it audited the NEA’s 1993 tax return. The IRS is prohibited by law from publicly discussing audits of specific taxpayers.

While they’re at it, they should audit Rainbow/Push, the ACLU, and the NRA. The fallout would be interesting.

The quest for free money to prop up politicos

Chicago SunTimes:

The City Council champion of the slave reparations movement demanded Monday that Carole Brown apologize to African Americans or step down as CTA board chairwoman for “allowing herself to be used” to defend a financial services firm with past ties to slavery.

Ald. Dorothy Tillman (3rd) said it’s insensitive and insulting for Brown, senior vice president of Lehman Brothers, to suggest that “the Lehman Brothers in the 1850s is not the company that it is today.”

Brown made the statement after the company she works for became the first city contractor to admit past ties to slavery.

“She should have kept her mouth shut and said, ‘I’m not going to speak against my people.’ Why is this young lady trying to speak on behalf of slave owners? [They’re saying], ‘Let’s parade this black woman out there,’ ” Tillman said.

“Who is she to say that things have changed? Things have not changed. The economy for blacks in this country is just as bad as it was under Jim Crow. We still have only 1 percent of the wealth. She’s not there because of her merits or because someone loves her. She’s there because of the fight we waged for parity in this country.”

Tillman demanded that Brown make a choice: Apologize for allowing herself to be used to sanitize the reputation of a company built on the backs of her own people or step aside as CTA chairwoman.

While black leaders fight this epic battle, SayUncle estimates that in America today: 21 black people will commit murder; 22 black people will be murdered; 506 black people will be arrested for drug trafficking crimes; 1,000,000 black people are in prison; and 26,500,000 black people live in poverty

November 24, 2003

Another reason to oppose gun control

Les Jones quotes:

A bullet fired in the air during a Ku Klux Klan initiation ceremony came down and struck a participant in the head, critically injuring him, authorities said.


Brian’s on to me.

Glad he’s back

One of my favorite lefty bloggers has been back a while now and he’s on a roll. William Burton:

Note to People Who Opposed the Invasion of Iraq:

Until you can agree to stop accusing anyone who holds different views than you of being a racist who kills babies for oil, don’t expect to win any converts and don’t expect those of us still on the fence to treat you like anything other than a fucking idiot.

God Bless the USA

I’m happy to see the day where the average guy on the street is far more tolerant than the average politician.

If you’re not reading William Burton, you should be.

Why the Republicans aren’t really the lesser of evils any more


Way back before Republicans took over the House in 1995, GOP lawmakers pilloried Democrats for stuffing legislation with local projects that get little or no oversight but boost the popularity of the lawmakers who take credit for them.

In 1992, Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), the future House speaker, told colleagues: “Democrats . . . see no contradiction between adding a billion and a half dollars in pork-barrel [spending] for the politicians in their big-city machines and voting for a balanced budget amendment.”

But a rising tide of GOP spending on home-district projects is making those Democrats of yesteryear look like mere pikers of pork, according to a 15-page study just released by the minority staff of the House Appropriations Committee.

The study finds that the number of home-state projects earmarked in various bills has skyrocketed under the GOP, despite the party’s rhetorical commitment to reining in a profligate federal government.

Moreover, it contends, Republicans “have opened up broad new areas of government to the practice of earmarking that were previously not subject to earmarks.”

Sure, I lose four years but I think it’s win – win

Rich’s post about how Dean can win got me to thinking. In 2004, I can rule out a third party winning the presidency completely. The winner will be Bush or some Democrat. That Democrat could very well be Dean. I’ve said in the past that I don’t think Bush can lose but we’re still a year out and a lot can change.

If Dean wins, I think the message will be sent to the Republicans that they screwed up with their big government, pro-gun control, pork spending, PATRIOT act loving ways. Maybe then the Republicans can get back to being the party of small government. If we vote Dean, at least the PATRIOT act takes a hit.

If Bush wins and the GOP sweep of congress continues, the Democrats maybe will figure some stuff out too, such as catering to the fringes is a bad idea. After 2004, one of the parties will be taught a lesson and that’s a good thing.

Gun Bias Time

Jeff finally has the weekly thing up.

Attack Ads Redux

Seems someone doesn’t like my take on the RNC ads. Go here and you can read about other articles regarding the ads.

They link to this and this which do paint the pending RNC campaign as a bit nefarious. I would agree.

I am rather amused at matt & jason’s attempt to discredit me based on my position on the second amendment. I think it’s leftist speak for he’s an extremist. Funny how when you know your rights, you’re an extremist. Funny, these antigun folks still fall on the old lies for gun control and can’t prove it because no serious scholarship affirms their views. People do that when they’re on the wrong side.

There is an old saying:

“If the facts are on your side, bang on the facts. If the law is on your side, bang on the law. If neither the facts nor the law is on your side, bang on the table.”

Good advice.

Update: Rich agrees with my orginal assessment:

[Democrats are] all for fighting terrorism, as long as we don’t actually, you know, fight terrorists.

Oh my

I got a comment in this post from the KKK, asserting their right to be bigots. I agree, they have a right to be bigots. But I have a right to tell them how stupid they are for being bigots.

You’re kidding?!?

It seems that two rounds makes a weapon an assault weapon. Seriously, here’s a pic of one. Man, Hell err New Jersey is a terrible place.