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Dixie Chick Has A Blog?

In the beginning, a Dixie Chick said something that some people didn’t like.

She then (realizing her sales were down) apologized for the remark. I’m guessing sales didn’t recover.

Now, feeling more acceptance for her views from the rock crowd, the Chicks have abandoned country since that genre of music wasn’t accepting of her views. Having done that, she posts a letter on their web page. Some of her wisdom is:

Message 1:
Saddam Hussein called and wants to know where his weapons of mass destruction are. Listen Saddam, I already told you, I don’t know. You’re going to have to call the White House on that one.

Message 2:
Country radio called and wants to know if it’s true that you’re leaving country music? This one must be a prank call. I mean, how can you leave a party now when the hosts had shown you to the door six months ago.

Message 3:
Sheryl Crow and Lenny Kravitz called to see if you could come to their party Friday night. Oh that one’s easy. I can’t, I’m already going to Ashton and Demi’s party.

Message 4:
G. Gordon Liddy, Rush Limbaugh, and Don Imus all called again to ask about the plane crash. Listen guys this is really getting old. I’m sorry, but no we did not die in a plane crash. But look on the bright side…we fly all the time.

Message 5:
Arnold Schwarzenegger called to see if we wanted to “verk out” with him at “zee gym” next week. Hmmm that’s both weird and scary. He must not have heard what Emily “said” about him or know that we’re married!

7 Responses to “Dixie Chick Has A Blog?”

  1. Guy Montag Says:

    Was all of that authored by the short, fat, stupid blonde or was it a group authoring?

  2. rich Says:

    Please tell me that site is a joke. Are they really that vapid?

  3. SayUncle Says:

    It’s not a joke and it is the fat girl. Wow, given my last posts about the chicks, i’m surprised i forgot to mention that fat girl at least once.

  4. Gennie Says:

    I’d love to know how much cheap crack Natalie smoked before she wrote that. The girl is a little off.

  5. tgirsch Says:

    Yeah, it’s silly and off, but how is this really any worse than the tripe that any other celebrities put on their blogs?

    Hell, a story came out today where Bruce Willis insisted that the Iraqis love having a US occupying force, then later admits to not having really talked to any actual Iraqis…

  6. Toys Says:

    what’s so wrong with having a sense of humor? – even if it’s not bent the same way as yours?!

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