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August 30, 2003

Happy Birthday to Me

This blog is a year old.

Nope, No Connection

Four men with Al-Qaida connections arrested in connection with the shrine bombing.

August 29, 2003

It was bound to happen (no, really)

Tomorrow, SayUncle turns one year old (well, not me but the website – I’m 31.85). No, really, look up my first post. I thought that VRWC bit was funny then. Now it’s kinda mildly amusing, oh how times change. I am going to celebrate by going to the UT game tomorrow and drinking a great many beers.

I found that perusing my original few posts that I have gone from a Southpark Republican to libertarian (with a small L) in a years’ time.

I’d like to thank the guy that inspired me to blog, SouthKnoxBubba. And my loyal readers, there’s about 40 of you. And I appreciate all of you.

I’ve made many friends via this site and only one enemy. It’s been a good run. I enjoy it. Of course, I still do this to entertain me, not you. But if I can entertain a few more folks, it’s worth it.

Unclear on the concept

Amendment 8:

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted

Yet: A hunter was ordered to pay $20,000 Friday and sentenced to five years probation for killing an endangered California condor.

Source of hits

I am apparenlty the number one result of the google search for spiked bracelets. All because I wrote this. I was getting quite a few hits from it.

Longmire Does Romance Novels

These are too darn funny!

No uproar over this

Donald Sensing says that if the commandments must go then the statue of the goddess Athena must go.

After all, the first amendment is only about freedom of non-christian religions.

Britney kisses old lady

Christina kissed the old lady too. I didn’t realize that Christina and Britney were actually singers. Did anyone else know that? I also didn’t realize that Anna Kournikova actually plays tether ball professionally, or maybe tennis. I’m not sure.

Couldn’t be said better

Kathy writes:

Oddly enough, today those who claim to be his ‘inheritors’ are those who demand we judge people by the color of their skins, not the content of their character.



Remember Eric Hall, the Cookeville cop that shot a family pet during an unwarranted traffic stop? He filed a suit in Nashville that the city violated his right to privacy.

Now, I don’t see how the city searched and seized anything without a warrant. Of course, the Cookeville police were guilty of an unwarranted search during their traffic stop.


August 28, 2003

Iraq & California?

Which is more dangerous? Rodger knows.

One other thing, in the USA there were 16,765 homicides in 2000. More than 2,300 are in California? Fourteen percent of our homicides occur in one state? We should ban California, not guns.

So as I’m not accused of ignoring it

Some whackjob in Chicago killed a bunch of people with a gun. This will be followed by cries for more gun control. But remember the money quote:

Because he was a convicted felon, Tapia was prohibited from owning a firearm. Investigators were trying to determine how he obtained the weapon used in Wednesday’s shooting.

Wow! You mean to tell me that someone intent on breaking the law had already broken the law in the past?

As Kim du Toit points out:

To my recollection, the last three ex-employee shootings have been in California, Missouri, and now Chicago — none of which three states “allow” their citizens to carry guns on their person.

Not too many incidents like this in places like Texas, Arizona or Vermont, are there? I wonder why — or rather, the politicians in Missouri, Chicago and California should be wondering why.

Baby Bush

An Iraqi couple has named their baby boy George Bush in appreciation for removing Saddam.

But I thought It Was A Perk

From Bloomberg:

A former postal worker traded on information he learned from Business Week magazine as it passed through a postal sorting facility on its way to subscribers and newsstands, according to federal prosecutors.
Charged with conspiracy and securities fraud was Davi Thomas, who worked in the Mount Vernon, N.Y., postal facility.

He’s accused of reaping $154,268 in illegal profits by getting names of companies discussed in the mag’s “Inside Wall Street” column from June 1997 to January 1999, the Securities and Exchange Commission said in a related civil suit.

Mars: Disappointing

Been checking out Mars. Here what it looks like:


I was disappointed. So, having no telescope, I had to make due. I got a rifle with a scope (no, I wasn’t trying to shoot down Mars). With the rifle scope, it looked like this:


Yup, not real exciting.

Public Service Announcement

I you’re not reading The Lemon, you need to.

The Playbook

Looks like Arnold picked up a copy of the Dubya playbook when describing his positions. Well, except that abortion thing:

The Republican said he is in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, abortion rights, an assault-weapons ban and background checks on gun purchases. He said he is opposed to offshore drilling, gay marriage and granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Schwarzenegger described himself to Hannity as “pro-choice” but said he did not support late-stage procedures described as “partial-birth” abortions.

Another RINO.

Update: I’m referring to the AW ban, of course.

August 27, 2003


I am surprised that a country that sentences people to death by stoning actually has an appeals process. I bet it’s not a very good appeals process:

Single mother Amina Lawal launched an appeal against an adultery conviction that could see her become the first Nigerian to be stoned to death since the return of Islamic law.

The 31-year-old village housewife has become the best known symbol around the world of the controversy surrounding the reintroduction in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north of the strict Sharia criminal law code.

RTB Announcement

Via Bubba, the Rocky Top Brigade welcomes:

Hypotheses Non Fingo, another space blog.

Adam Groves, who was spotted commenting at Bubba’s place.

Musings of a Philosophical Scrivener, who has been around for a while.

Welcome all!

Quote of the Day

It’s basic. Businesses don’t pay taxes. They collect them. Plus a service charge.

Weekly Gun Bias Chart Is Up

Jeff has the weekly bias chart up. Go read.

Free Federal Funds™ and Guns!

Per this:

There is a new attempt to try and cut gun related violence in East Tennessee. The program is called “Project Safe Neighborhoods” and law enforcement officials from multiple agencies are participating.

As part of a new half a million dollar grant, police agencies from Blount County to Bristol will share information and resources in ways they haven’t before. This will include a new emphasis on direct communication with federal authorities.

So, all this money they’re spending and the only thing that the article says it will do is exchange everything from intelligence to photographs.

Are they buying phones and fax machines?

Dead Planet

So, some groups are saying Mars being so close spells the end of the world. Guess I better start reading faster.

August 26, 2003

More Unneccessary Gun Laws

A law proposed in Kalifornia wants to mandate a loaded chamber indicator on all handguns (claiming it will reduce accidental shootings) and a safety feature that ensures the gun won’t fire when the magazine is removed.

I think safeties are dangerous on handguns, personally. I think they are false senses of security. You should always point a gun in a safe direction. Period. A safety may incline folks to point them wherever because, hey, the safety is on. Also, folks who shoot in competition are required to keep their sites trained on a target while reloading (if the slide locks back and the gun is incapable of firing, they lose points) so the magazine thing would render pistols inneffective for competition. That, and if you ever need your gun, it’d be nice if it was capable of firing without a magazine.

Took More Time Than I Thought

Per this:

In the aftermath of the shooting last month of Councilman James E. Davis, the City Council is pushing ahead with several changes in New York City’s gun-control laws that would make the laws, already among the toughest in the nation, more restrictive.

The Council will hold a committee hearing on Sept. 12 on at least half a dozen bills that, if approved, would seek not only to restrict how gun makers and dealers conduct business in New York City but also to counter a growing movement across the nation to roll back gun-control measures.

The proposals include holding gun makers, dealers and importers liable for damages if their weapons are used to kill or injure people in the city, as well as prohibiting gun dealers from selling more than one firearm to the same person within 90 days. Another proposal would require gun owners in the city to obtain liability insurance.

I said it would happen quite a few times.

Taxing Obesity

tgirsch posts about the politics of obesity. While an interesting read, I must disagree with his proposed solutions:

outlaw marketing products to children.

Unconstitutional and pointless. Kids will still know what Twinkies are.

limiting sweets (and banning junk food) in schools

I would agree that the government funded schools shouldn’t provide junk food, but defining what is junk food is not an exact science. I’m sure the nefarious candy makers would create something that tastes sweet but meets whatever minimum requirements that would be established as junk food.

If there’s one thing the War on Civil Liberties err drugs and taxing tobacco have taught us, it’s that these things don’t work and cost someone a lot of money.

Update: This post by Bubba illustrates my point.

More Stupid Dog Laws

Chuck emails this article on proposed dog legislation in Alabama. The long and short of the law is that if an owner’s dog goes onto someone else’s property, the owner is guilty of trespassing. I understand the desire to keep dogs (particularly hunting dogs) off your land but, as Chuck pointed out, dogs don’t grasp the concept of property the way humans do. You have to train dogs to respect property with physical barriers, such as keeping them in a fence, otherwise they will roam around and pee on things to expand their territory.

The law is meant to only be enforced if the owner of the property reports the incident but the law is not written that way. The legislation is unnecessary as, I would think, existing trespassing laws would suffice in the event a property owner wants you and your dogs off their land.


I haven’t been on the Knoxville interstate in a while, until today. I noticed signs on the road that read Aggressive Driving Enforcement Campaign. I suppose our local police are cracking down on aggressive drivers. However, the drivers in Knoxville wouldn’t drive so aggressively if they could actually get from one end of town to the other.

Bredesen, what happened to your promise of cleaning this road construction nightmare?

I’m running out of room in the top right corner

Abercrombie & Fitch Claims 22 Ownership.

Keeping me honest

Keeping with my policy of fair and balance blogging, loyal reader and commenter Balisardo emails:

I don’t usually comment on blogs to provoke responses, but my comment on your misleading post “Typical,” on August 21 is definitely an exception. I thought I’d drop a line to make sure you were aware of it and not just blowing it off.

It’s your party to blow it off if you want to, but I think I expected more from you. (I think that’s a compliment.)

He is referencing this peice of mine which alleges Kerry and Graham blame Bush for the UN bombing. And it is a compliment. First, I try to respond to most comments if I feel they warrant it. If I don’t respond, it’s because I agree or think your comment stands on it’s own merit. However, I missed this comment. I have therefore enabled the email feature in MoveableType so that I get an email notification of comments. The comment was:

SayUncle, I think you need to add a second update to this post. I was surprised that Kerry and Graham would blame Bush for the bombing when the U.N. apparently had taken responsibility for security of the building, so I went to the article and read more than the headline “Kerry, Graham fault Bush in Deadly Baghdad Bombing.” I’m guessing you didn’t .

In the whole article, there was not a single quote by either candidate that referenced the bombing. This is the only Kerry quote in the whole piece:

“It is becoming increasingly clear each day that the administration misread the situation on the ground in Iraq and lacks an adequate plan to win the peace and protect our troops.”

He was obviously asked for a reaction to the bombing and RESISTED (appropriately) pinning it on the administration, saying only what he has been saying for weeks and months now. And which is rather obvious and hardly even controversial.

Graham came closer, but same goes for the only quote of his that’s given:

“Had the president pursued the war on terrorism prior to initiating military action against Saddam Hussein — as I advocated last year — it is likely that al Qaeda and other terrorist networks would not have been able to take advantage of the chaos that now exists in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq,” Mr. Graham said.

Same thing — he was asked for a reaction to the bombing and said (in part) well, yeah, the chaos that we’re seeing over there now is what I was concerned about last year when I was advocating an alternate strategy to the administration’s decision to go to war. He didn’t specify or even mention the U.N. bombing.

The article itself strikes me as unbiased and unremarkable — yet the headline is an utter misrepresentation of its contents. This is the common modus operandi of the Washington Times (and FOX News) — take a story and twist it enough to politicize it in the desired way, and label it as such, knowing that 95% of their consumers won’t care to poke beneath the headline.

SayUncle, I disagree with you most of the time, but I generally respect the tone with which you conduct your blog. I don’t think you would have posted this knowing how misleading it was.

To the issue: The two quotes listed in the comments of the post (one references the administration lacking a plan and one implies if something else had been done things would be different.) do “fault” the administration. I will buy that “blame” is perhaps too harsh of a word and that Kerry and Graham were goaded into responding. And I will also admit that the article is misleading to an extent but these two do fault the administration to a degree.

And I appreciate comments and emails, it keeps me honest.