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March 31, 2003

Is Why Tibet and Not Iraq? an appropriate sign?

Brehd of Knoxpatch is helping to organize a pro America rally this weekend. Info here.

Decisions, decisions

In anticipation of Buy A Gun In Spite of Michael Moore Day, I’ve been weighing my decision. I want to build another AR (it’s addictive). I don’t know if I want this one or this one.

2008 Election

Some folks agreed/disagreed with my prediction below. I do like the idea of Frist/Rice in 2008. However, I think the more likely combo will be Uncle Fred/Frist. Just a guess, but not one I’m willing to bet on.

Since OW wasn’t gonna do it

Bush’s overall job approval rating is at 71%.

March 30, 2003

Prediction and a bet

The winner of the 2008 Presidential election will be from Tennessee. Any takers? Frist, Gore or Uncle Fred.

One bad apple

There was a local support the troops rally. However, on the news last night, they showed the KKK in attendance (which is absent the Knoxnews article). The Klan has to come along and screw things up for everyone.

March 29, 2003

Quote of the day

I think that our rights are being slowly whittled away right out from under us all the while we are arguing over who is doing it.

From Scott over at the Metroblab.

Yeah, what he said.


In light of the post below, it got me to thinking. On the global stage, the difference between Democrats and Republicans is this:

*Republicans want to export US influence.

*Democrats want to import outside influence to the US.

Maybe I’m delusional, in that sorta hit the nail on the head kinda way.

Avert your attention please

Bubba makes reference to the pending global domination by the US. I, of course, think itís not pending but is already upon us through economics (have a Coke and a smile, or a Big Mac, or some Nikes). But I digress.

If this is the case, the timing is perfect. Right now, bar none, the US is the only military superpower in the world. Countries that were formerly part of the USSR have nukes and weapons (some of which they canít account for, by the way). Now, if these weapons made it into the hands of other nations (or groups of nations), itís Cold War II. These nations/groups, however, arenít currently that organized nor are these nations remotely close to being as militarily advanced as the US. And they’re not wealthy. However, the potential exists that in a few years and with some funding, they could be. Which may be why Bubba hit the nail on the head. Maybe in addition to a preemptive war on Iraq, we’re headed towards preemptive global domination.

Kind of scary, this new world order stuff. Of course, itís all suspeculation.

March 28, 2003

“No Country Can Set Itself Up As the World’s Guardian”

Ah, the hubris of the French government is once again vomiting forth on the stage of the world (Yes, I meant to say it exactly that way!).

The foreign minister said Washington has “no choice” but to go through the United Nations. Obviously this guy hasn’t turned on a TV or picked up a newspaper lately.

I’m not anti-French or anti- any country. I’m anti-stupid-people.

’nuff said!

Originally posted by Korwyn

I got nothing

Update: Nevermind.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld warned Syria on Friday to stop providing Iraq with supplies and weapons to use against coalition forces.

Target acquired? Since we’re close and all.

March 27, 2003

Oh, sure, NOW they want to help!

It seems that the U.N. wants to dictate to the Coalition forces what’s to be done with Iraq once the war is over. The gall of those people amazes me! I know it shouldn’t, but come on! At least Rep. David Vitter R-LA has it right, he asked Powell for assurances that once the war ends, the U.N. would not try to “grab that decision-making and control from the coalition that got us there” and give it “to the very group that refused to face reality.”

Originally posted by Korwyn

Public Service Announcement

I am going to send a care package to Operation Shoe Box, who will then send it to our troops. They also provide a list of requested items at their site (noticeably absent is beer, guess those guys are mostly under 21). Apparently, you have to send items through an organization or to an individual soldier. The DOD has decided that sending packages to any soldier poses a security risk.

Feel free to do the same.

I make up words all the time

Tis the nature of a vocabularian:

Suspeculation – Sus*pec*u*la*tion – n. Combination of suspect and speculate. Contemplation of a subject and the formulation of a not-remotely defensible theory of outcomes. Synonyms: fortune telling, journalism, blogging, psychology, and economics.

I’m suspeculating that the end of this war will bring ruin upon some of our politicians. If they find absolute proof of WMD in Iraq, the anti-war politicians are finished. If they don’t, the pro-war politicians (and the administration) are done for.

That Pesky Legal System

The American legal system has been corrupted almost beyond recognition, Judge Edith Jones of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, told the Federalist Society of Harvard Law School on February 28.

Well, no kidding. Sadly, the courts are citizens’ last, best hopes for, you know, justice. Too bad it’s perverted to the point where the Supreme Court has to actually consider whether consenting adults can do what they want.

But wait, there’s more:

Owners of a Pennsylvania dairy farm who oppose the national “Got Milk?” ad campaign must continue to help pay for it, a federal judge has ruled.

The USDA is forcing farmers to pay for these ads, which of course goes against the foundations of this country. The USDA is, in my opinion, too big for its britches. Sure, we need people to inspect beef and food. But we don’t need the government telling farmers what they can grow, how much of what they grow they can sell, and how much they can export. And this affirms my beliefs.

Thanks to Unknown News for the links. Everyone should be reading this site.


Reports on cable news last night from the talking heads that:

* Iraqi soldiers were wearing US uniforms and killing citizens as a disinformation campaign.
* Iraqi soldiers dressed as civilians make it difficult to determine who the bad guys are.
* Other reports that the bomb that killed 14 in Baghdad was actually Iraqi
* 1,000 of Iraq’s Republican Guard were headed towards US troops. Of course, if the press knows that, so does the military. In which case, the column will be bombed soon.
* And land mines (which are illegal) are blocking humanitarian caravans.

Political Jab

Iraq’s Elite Republican Guard is heading towards US troops. A soldier interviewed said he wasn’t afraid because The Republican Guard is not as dangerous as Iraq’s Democrat Guard. That’s who we’re worried about.

March 26, 2003

New Quote

You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the Swiss hold the America’s Cup, France is accusing the US of arrogance, and Germany doesn’t want to go to war.

The above unattributed is pretty cool. Thanks to Ian at the Metroblab.

Science Fiction Comes to Life?

The U.S. Air Force reportedly hit Iraqi TV with an experimental electromagnetic pulse device called an “E-Bomb” in an effort to stop government propaganda.

Sorry K’orwyn, not Farscape.

The US Canít Win

The PR war that is. The stories before the war about Shock and Awe collectively made the world stop and think Damn! I still think Shock and Awe was mere propaganda to scare the bejesus (beallah?) out of the Iraqis. The press had said initially Shock and Awe began, but did it really? The answer is no. I donít think anything weíve seen is of the magnitude that Shock and Awe would have been. If the US went into Shock and Awe mode on day one, what would be happening now? Hereís my speculation:

∑ The war would have likely ended after only a couple of days with a little bit of cleanup guerilla fighting and occupation.
∑ There would have been massive civilian casualties and collateral damage.
∑ There would be no infrastructure left in Baghdad after it was done and the remaining people would have suffered.
∑ The world would be calling the US brutal murderers.

The US military has been doing some rather unconventional things in this war. Theyíre not bulldozing bunkers (which is effective but results in massive casualties). Theyíre not bombing the hell out of everything, theyíre surgically using missiles.. Theyíre letting Iraqi media stay on the air (because the towers are on top of a hospital, according to a talking head on FoxNews). They’re leaving the infrastructue in place for future use. So the US is taking steps to make this a kinder, gentler war. The result? The world news apparatus is still accusing us of brutality. Itís to be expected.

Since weíre not using Shock and Awe, the results will likely be:

∑ A longer, more drawn out war.
∑ A longer period of US occupation (thus further infuriating fanatics).
∑ More US and coalition casualties.
∑ The world would be calling the US brutal murderers (but this is to be expected).

Regardless of the more humanitarian tactics used, one factor won’t change. The world media will not be kind to the US.

March 25, 2003


Hello, my name is K’orwyn. SayUncle and I go back a few years and he thought I might have something intelligent to say upon occasion (though, in reality, he knows better).

I’m really waaaaaayyyyyy too depressed to talk about the war or politics or anything like that. My favorite show was cancelled and last Friday was it’s last episode. I know, I know, how puerile of me, but darn-it-all! I invested 4 years of my life in that show! (My God, I sound just like my mother after one of her soaps was cancelled) Those who understand will realize this was Farscape, the rest of you never watched anyway and wouldn’t care one way or the other. For those who watched, be sure to drop by SaveFarscape for information on how to help save the show. Sure, it won’t be on Sci-Fi anymore, but is that such a bad thing? For God’s sake, their new “premier” show is Tremors! It was a lousy movie. How many ways can Michael Gross be expected to kill the worm weekly? Anyway, any support anyone can give would be greatly appreciated, even if it’s just hanging a poster up at work in the lunch room.

One note though, did anyone else see the story about the Iraqis threatening to behead any POW’s according to Muslim law? I sincerely hope they are reconsidering that action, otherwise the whole lot of them may be facing Allah a little sooner than they expected.

Originally posted by Korwyn

Well, Duh!

Virginia Gov. Mark Warner has agreed to sign legislation restricting illegal aliens from obtaining driver’s licenses, frustrating immigrants in Northern Virginia.

Supporters of the law say it is illogical to grant licenses to people who are in the country illegally in the first place, and suggest it will improve homeland security, pointing out that most of the Sept. 11 terrorists obtained identification cards that allowed them to move freely through the country.

Seems common sense to me. I support immigration to this country (who wouldn’t want to live here) but do it legally.

The war ain’t all that is important

North Korea has warned that the situation on the Korean Peninsula was deteriorating to the “brink of a nuclear war” because of American-South Korean war games.

I thought our policy was to ignore them?


Heard two interesting things on the radio this morning:

1) FoxNews stopped buying Evian (yes, spell it backwards) for its correspondents because it’s French.
2) The latest Saddam videotape was analyzed by experts and contained a total of 57 splices (i.e., cut and pastes) implying that he may have pre-recorded messages to be spliced together based on current events.

More Moore, Less Believable

Everyone is fact checking his rotundity.

Ain’t capitalism grand?

Buy a gun for Michael Moore Day

Update: Apparently Steve H. at Little Tiny Lies hosted the original image as a favor to Aaron and I failed to give credit and all that. So, apologies to Steve. The image was to promote Buy a gun for Michael Moore Day and you can find it here.. Note to self: Link to images instead of just putting them here. And give credit where it’s due.

By the way, what’s with Aaron’s site today?

March 24, 2003

Boy oh boy

This article states:

Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the Justice Department and FBI have dramatically increased the use of two little-known powers that allow authorities to tap telephones, seize bank and telephone records and obtain other information in counterterrorism investigations with no immediate court oversight, according to officials and newly disclosed documents.

And this one states:

The Supreme Court refused Monday to be drawn into a dispute over the boundaries of a law giving the government broader surveillance authority after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Apparently, the ACLU took the case by filing an appeal on behalf of people who don’t even know the government is monitoring them. The justices won’t let them do that so, at least on the surface, it could make it back to court.

Thanks to Michael and The Idiot over at the Metroblab.

Guns and Kids

In light of Bowling for Columbine winning an award, it got me to thinking about an issue the SayUncle household is facing. Me and Mrs. Uncle have decided that the world needs a few little Uncles. We hope this comes about by the end of the summer and pray that we donít have any difficulties.

It has, however, led to (as anyone should who owns guns) a discussion about firearms safety and children. The wife has friends (who watch a little too much Oprah) who are aghast at the fact that SayUncle will have children and firearms in his house. They ask questions like: Youíre going to keep guns in your house? I say absolutely. Youíre going to keep one loaded? I say: Yup, if itís not loaded then itís just a paperweight.

Children fatalities with firearms are not quite as common as people make them out to be. They do however make the news and are in most cases due to parental negligence. If you donít take steps to prevent childrenís access to arms, youíre an idiot. Gun safety with children depends on two things: 1) what the parents do and 2) what the kids do. I tell the Oprah crowd this and they shrug and say Oh. Their husbands are more receptive though. It may be a gender thing.

A few safety notes: Even though a small child is physically incapable of pulling most double action triggers and racking a charging handle on an AR15, we will not leave arms lying around where children can get to them. I have trigger locks to prevent their access just in case they find them. We will also likely purchase some sort of safe or a lock for the closet in which we keep guns. In other words, we will not place the weapons in a place where the kids can get them. Weíll do the same for chemicals, knives, and anything else that can hurt a child.

Also, teaching children what to do if they find a gun is important. As Eddie Eagle likes to stress, teach your kids to Stop, Donít Touch, Leave the Area, and Tell an Adult.

I grew up in a house that always had guns. My dad was career military and is now in law enforcement. At a young age, he taught me about guns. He taught me the four rules of gun safety:

Treat all guns as if they were loaded.
Never point a gun at anything you donít want to destroy.
Keep your finger off the trigger until youíre ready to pull it.
Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

When I was about eight, dad took me out to a field and showed me his Smith and Wesson 38. He showed me how to load, unload, and fire it. He emphasized not to ever play with it, in the event I found it. And he told me in no uncertain terms that the gun could kill me and that if he caught me playing with it, heíd kill me if it didnít. After I shot it, the novelty was gone (and it scared the crap out of me). I was over it and had gotten it out of my system. I never looked for the gun in the house because the curiosity involved was no longer a factor (that and fear).

At about age 10, he bought me a BB gun. I was told that I could target shoot with it anytime I wanted, as long as dad was there with me. If I did something stupid with it (like aim at a target with a house behind the target, thus violating one of the rules, which I did once), heíd take it away for a period of time and ground me. I learned to respect firearms early.

At age 12, he bought me a single shot 20 gauge shotgun and took me dove hunting. This terrified me as (at that age) I didnít really want to kill anything. I thought I did, until I held a lifeless bird in my hand that I had killed. Again, the realization that I used a gun to kill something made me respect firearms more. And I realized I took no joy from killing things.

I knew about guns very early and not by just watching people shoot each other on TV. If a childís only exposure to arms is through television and action movies, I think theyíre more likely to be enticed into doing something stupid with them. After they watch Mel Gibson gun down 36 bad guys, the have an image that guns make them cool and powerful. Couple this with the fact that they werenít ever taught to respect them, and the situation could get bad if they ever found one. Children often donít realize that dying is as permanent as it gets.

I have told the wife (and she has accepted it) that I will keep the guns, I will take our children shooting, and that I will likely purchase them guns as well. Sheís Ok with it, but is, understandably, a bit worried. Iíve explained to her how I learned about guns and that has eased her concerns considerably.

I have no idea how I will teach my children about politics. Ugh, I dread that day!

And now, back to the war!

I support free speech

I really do. If you wish to protest the war, great! Have at it. I applaud your diligence. I will however condemn your views based on their merits. When you protest and start destroying people’s homes (even if it is Rumsfield’s) or blocking traffic, your rights end (you know, at that point where others’ begin).

Do you really think Bush is sitting there in the White House thinking: Man, they’ve blocked off traffic on Lakeshore Drive, call the war off!! Ugh!

An Accolade

Justin over at Elephant Rants has apparently awarded me the Most Politically Incorrect Blogger Award (it’s better than an Oscar) because I have an evil assault weapon and a politically incorrect bulldog. Well, I also have high capacity handgun magazines, porn, an American flag hanging from the front porch, and the wifeís sport utility vehicle. I’m evil and must be stopped.