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September 20, 2018

Wyatt Derp

A magnetic holster, which is silly. Small of back carry, which is not a good idea. Weak looking straps.

Listening to liars?

Co-Founder Of March For Our Lives Cameron Kasky Explains The Mistakes Hes Made & Why He Left March For Our Lives

Well, OK

Pedophiles Decapitated Corpse Found On Judges Doorstep After Bail Hearing In Aurora, Illinois

Update: Apparently, I got snookered. It’s a satire site.

That’s not good

Apparently, Cody Wilson has left and went to Taiwan.

Magazines are wear items

McThag speaks the truth. Buy magazines. If you monitor Brownells or GunMagWarehouse, often they will have a 10 pack of PMAGS for under $100. When they do, I usually buy a pack.

Local stuff

The NRA has endorsed Marsha Blackburn.

Her democrat opponent, Phil Bredesen, has a decent record on guns. However, it’s about judges. I trusted Bredesen as a governor but don’t as a senator.

Gun Porn

Deal alert: Colt LE6920 for $700.

September 19, 2018

The party of fiscal responsibility

While everyone’s watching the Kavanugh dog and pony show, congress is passing tons of spending bills.


So, a police officer goes into the wrong apartment, thinking it’s hers, and orders the man there around. And wound up killing him.

Life in the future

The future is stupid

What a baby

Governor Inslee sinks to new level of petty by refusing to sign certificates for marksmanship champs

Because of the CMP’s affiliation with the NRA.


Cody Wilson is charged with paying money for sex. As a libertarian, I’m sure he’d argue that is fine. However, it was with a minor.

Gun Porn

My first SBR

Shooting the Worst Gun Ever

September 18, 2018


Life intrudes. Talk amongst yourselves.

September 13, 2018


Sent in by reader Ben:

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

A woman wrote a book called How to Murder Your Husband was arrested for murdering her husband. Of course, her social media presence consists of bashing the NRA.

News you can use

AR-15 Inspection: 15 Wear & Failure Points to Check

Gun Porn

Homebrew AKs

September 12, 2018

A civil rights victory

For the first and second amendment. California has a law prohibiting gun shops from using pictures of guns. A court struck the law down on first amendment grounds.

This seems like a big deal

Apparently, Google execs tried to influence the election for Hillary.


Black Rifle Coffee Company is coming to Tennessee:

Veteran-owned and operated Black Rifle Coffee Company is proud to announce the opening of its Manchester, Tennessee, roasting facility as part of the company’s $6 million investment in that state. Combined with their Utah facility, the Tennessee plant will ensure that consumers all over America receive the freshest coffee available, roasted to order and delivered right to their door.

“As our company grows, so does our need to be close to our customers,” said Evan Hafer, the CEO and founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company. “Opening the roasting facility in Tennessee gives us the ability to deliver the highest-quality product to the entire eastern half of the United States in the most cost-efficient and timely manner possible.”

Gun Porn

Gun magazine cover from 1984.

September 11, 2018

More NFA silliness

People put forth a lot of time and effort in getting around NFA laws. The latest is the bicep brace:

Basically, because some gun laws ban things “that are shouldered”, this, and the arm braces before them, get around the whole shouldering thing. It’s ATF approved.

More info here.

In the future, the censorship comes from corporations

Alex Jones is either a lunatic or an actor. But he’s basically been banned from all social media. And one of the manosphere bloggers I’m unfamiliar with has had his books banned at Amazon.

I know, corporations own their platforms and all of that but it is a bit disturbing that they wield such an influence over people and their wallets.

I carried one for years

Glock 30, a forgotten glock. I bought mine during the assault weapons ban. And my thinking was that if I was limited to 10 rounds, it may as well be ten rounds of .45 because “stopping power”. That was kind of ignorant. But that’s what people thought back then.

Gun Porn

For just south of $23K, you can have a full auto AR. Legally.

Impressive round count

September 10, 2018


Joe had a kaboom from a double charged round. This is why you wear glasses.

Where do I get one

Journalism: Pistol that holds 200 rounds

Shut up and take my money*

Silent mortars

* except I doubt I could buy one.

But muh tax dollars

Bloomberg discovers the Office of Civilian Marksmanship Program. Freaks a little:

At a time when Americans are sharply divided over the place of firearms in society, the U.S. government has, in effect, subsidized the metamorphosis of CMP into a deep-pocketed, nationwide evangelist for youth gun culture. The group has survived and thrived, despite repeated attempts by politicians to shut off its gun pipeline.