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April 22, 2014

Texas Department of Public Safety suspends use of Smith and Wesson M&P

They don’t like the Kool-Aid.

Seems there’s an issue they’re having:

The agency decided to halt the use of the new handguns after a couple of the weapons experienced slight movement of less than 10 microns after repeated firing of about 3,000 rounds, Vinger said. A micron is one-millionth of a meter. Movement in a gun could affect accuracy. There were also bullet “feeding and ejection” issues. None of the performance issues resulted in any injuries. And so far, DPS has not been able to replicate these issues in subsequent testing, Vinger said.

I have no idea what that means. Slight movement of what? And I’m guessing ammo or training issues.


Some are lower than others.

Everytown for Gun Safety

I’ve stopped keeping up with their failure after failure because it was always the same story. As Robb points out, it’s genuinely hard to tell parody from real anti-gun people.

SCOTUS takes no action on Drake

The challenge to NJ “may issue” carry, which means “will not unless you’re connected”.

Images of the antis

The ignorance is profound.

Maybe next, they’ll get computers

ATF brings NFA processing into the 1990s. Why the process is more than a NICS check done while you wait, I don’t know.

While we’re at it, everyone gets a unicorn

An ignorant Senator from MA has introduced a bill to ban the sale of handguns that aren’t “personalized”. Trying to go for the old smart gun thing. This technology doesn’t exist in a reliable fashion.

Tips for Easing in New Shooters

Oleg has advice on products that make that easy.

Why Nazis make better villains

Interesting point, I thought.

Anti-gunners in action

Standing against due process

At first I was like . . .

I saw a deal on light sabers. Then realized they were toys.

April 21, 2014

Instant libertarian, just add capitalism and bureaucracy

So simple kids get it

Couple of weekends ago, our neighborhood had a garage sale. We set out to rid our home of various useless crap. Being neighborhood wide, we had hundreds of people come through. Junior gets the brilliant idea that, since these shoppers are in the hood for a long time, some of them must be thirsty and they’ll buy lemonade. She makes up a pitcher and sells out quick at a $1 a pop. On her second pitcher, I introduce some reality:

Me: So, for every lemonade you sell, you know I get fifty cents, right?

Junior: What?

Me: Well, you’re using my water, my lemonade, my cups, my sugar, my table, my chair and you’re on my driveway.

Junior: But I’m doing the work!

Me: With my stuff.

Wife: Oh stop it.

Me: I’m just trying to teach her something.

Junior: Oh.

Me: And you’ve got to pay taxes. I’d figure if you’re selling it for an even dollar 8 cents or so should cover sales tax. Then F&E taxes. And income taxes. Plus you probably need a permit and an inspection to make sure there are no cooties in your lemonade. And you’ll probably have to buy some sort of approved device for maintaining the lemonade at a safe temperature.

Junior: It’s called ICE.

Me: Yeah, but it melts.

Junior: That’s stupid. I’m keeping the money.

Me: Good girl! But you’re still paying me.

Junior: *evil stare*

10 inch SBR AK in 6.5 Grendel

Well, OK then:


Democrat and Media (but I repeat myself) guide


Wonder what the talking point will be for Mohammed?

Liberty safes, a review

Or what happens when you can’t get the thing open. Liberty seems to stand by their products.

Mostly, the lack of grassroots, I’d think

Jacob: Five ways gun control advocates fail

Shoulder things that go up


Smoking weed and guns

MA: Judge Rules Old Pot Raps Don’t Trump 2nd Amendment Rights. Yup, in MA.

Well, I’d be ticked

If my new gun part came shipped like that

The times they are a changing

Grab an old magazine some time

Gun laws at work

To avoid SAFE Act repercussions, New York member donates rifle to NRA Museum. NRA might need to start a lost due to law section.

Deal Alerts

AAC will pay your tax stamp on suppressors and short rifles

Brownells has free shipping on suppressed weapons.

Grassroots v. top down

John Lott looks at the difference between Bloomberg and NRA:

Gun control has largely been a top down effort. Michael Bloomberg’s latest announcement that he will spend another $50 million to push gun control – 2.5 times the amount spent by the NRA annually on political activities – is all too typical. Last year, gun control groups, largely due to Bloomberg’s money, outspent gun rights groups by about 7.4 to 1 on TV advertising.

Even the metrocons are noticing

The increase in SWAT raids: The family Corgi isn’t gonna shoot itself.

Cooking the books

How Chicago records crime rates. They lie.

Criminals and guns

Surprisingly, they take decent care of them.

Social Media Fail

Funny. It’s a good thing our opponents are stupid.

Gun Porn

Pretty: SxS SBS

Experimental .30-40 Trapdoor Springfield



April 20, 2014

Hillary Clinton’s Legacy

The Paper of (Making Up The) record: Hillary Clinton Struggles to Define a Legacy in Progress

She has no legacy. Everything she’s done, except getting preferential treatment from the Democrat establishment, was a failure.

Hillarycare ended in failure.

She did have a successful senate run. But there are no Clinton-Something, Something-Clinton bills that anyone cares about that I can find. She voted party line and that’s that.

She ran for president. And failed.

She was secretary of state. And an ambassador on her watch was ass raped and murdered. Russia just took some tanks into Ukraine. Status quo in Pakistan. Afghan surge. It goes on.

She’s failed at every public job she’s had. Why in the fuck is she not just a footnote of history as Bill Clinton’s wife instead of someone whose name we still know 22 later?

April 17, 2014

Appendix Carry: What say you?

In the 1990s, when I first started going heeled, there was not a lot of info out there. The concealed carry market was smaller and most shooting rags focused on carry for police and not armed citizens. I wasn’t police. So, I was not about to strap on a duty belt and try to cover it with a parka. I did learn from my dad to get a good holster, so I never really went through that cheap holster phase. As an aside, one thing people don’t think about when buying a new gun is accessories. And one should really buy a quality holster. So, I had a damn fine gun and a decent holster (it was similar to this but without the thumb strap). Well, I strapped it up appendix style because it was convenient; fit my style of dress; was very concealable; and I could manipulate it well.

Then, the internet happened. And I learned that going appendix style was stupid because you could shoot your femoral artery or blow your dick off. I was concerned mostly about blowing my dick off.

Well, apparently appendix carry is a thing again, even among people I actually whose gun advice I take seriously.. There are quite a few pros to this method:

  • Control and retention
  • Faster draw
  • Comfort
  • And a few more that apply only to the tacticoolest operatingest war fighters, such as better CQB something or another.

    But, I’m still worried about the whole blowing your dick off thing, which they say is mitigated by paying attention and doing the uncool thing of looking at your holster before reholstering. But on the draw, when your muscles constrict, this doesn’t seem helpful. Because you’re probably going to be focused on the thing you are about to put holes in. So, blowing your dick off or capping a major artery would make you pretty useless in a gun fight.

    What do you think?

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