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June 23, 2018

Vinnie Paul RIP

Pantera founder and all around bad ass drummer Vinnie Paul has died. My world is a little darker today. I hope he’s somewhere with his brother riffing. Pantera is my favorite band ever.

It will be a good soundtrack as I do some carpentry today.

June 22, 2018

Gun Porn

Heh. Scroll down.

June 21, 2018

But gun ownership is on the decline, they say

By the numbers on gun ownership:

The Small Arms Survey estimates there are 393,300,000 civilian-owned firearms in the United States. The survey, performed by the Graduate Institute of Geneva, estimated the United States military has about 4.5 million firearms. It put the number of firearms owned by police throughout the United States at just over 1 million.

That means American civilians own nearly 100 times as many firearms as the U.S. military and nearly 400 times as many as law enforcement.

Sorry gun control proponents, but that many people aren’t going to just turn them all in.

I get those too

And usually decline unless it’s something I’m legit interested in. How to fail at marketing.

More stellar performance from ATF

ATF Agent gets Probation for Sneaking into Female Restrooms to take Pictures

What’s with these guys?

Shotgun Noob: Sights

Shotgun Sights: Is the Bead Still the Best?

I put an old EOTech on mine. My theory being that, at some distance, the red circle may approximate the spread pattern. We’ll see.

Internet Sales Tax at the Supreme Court


Where Great Britain Used To Be

Jail time for badthink.

Gun Porn

Revolvers with Manual Safeties

June 20, 2018

What caliber for grizzly?

9mm, apparently. Scroll down.

It growled and started wildly thrashing around, still basically on the feet of my clients. My next shot hit it in the shoulder and it began twisting and biting at the hits and I continued firing as fast as I could see vitals. Five shots later it turned into the brush and I hit it again and it twisted and fell 20 feet from us!

Shot placement and lots of them.

AR-15 Sales

Bloomberg: Why Gunmakers Would Rather Sell AR-15s Than Handguns

I found this particularly interesting:

For every 100 newly manufactured guns sold in America, according to industry estimates, as many as 35 are modern sporting rifles that are variants of the AR-15. But that portion of the market accounts for a disproportionate amount of gun-industry profits.

Guns for gun controllers

David Camera Hogg was seen in NYC with armed bodyguards. They just want you disarmed.

Gun Porn

Colt Cobra Review

June 19, 2018

Snopes again

They have a history of not telling the whole truth but this is ridiculous. They say that this sign is a mixture of true and false:

Granted, they say that the hole could be from putting the entire AR foregrip in the paper. But that is not the poster’s intention.

Slidefire is suing their bank

Seems the bank is withholding some 1.6M of their dollars.

But gun ownership is on the decline, they say

Thanks, Obama: There are more guns than people in the United States

Noted Gun Authority Joe Biden


He’s also creepy.

Share the wealth

WaPo employees are asking Bezos to pay them more and to share the wealth. He already is by virtue of employing you.

Gun Porn

It’s been a while since they announced this. I kind of want one. Still says coming soon.

June 18, 2018

Speaking of New Jersey

But of course: NJ governor sees guns, not shooter’s early prison release, as the problem

The Hillary Blame Game

This time, it’s the gun lobby that cost her the election. Odd how it’s always someone else’s fault.

And I wish she’d do the world a favor and just go away.

Lock your doors

Tennessee State Troopers keep getting their guns stolen.

The more we learn about the Parkland shooting

The more we learn that it was not prevented by government who should have.

The Trumpening

Trump issued 3 executive orders that make it easier to fire bad federal employees. Bonus points for swipes at unions.

And Trump is serious about prison reform. Good.


22 injured, suspect killed in Trenton arts festival shooting

This could not have happened since New Jersey has all the gun control. Heck, they recently just passed even more.

Moms Demand Something or Another was there.

This shooting doesn’t fit the narrative and will not be covered.

And these are the people tech companies use to monitor speech

The SPLC has to $3M to a guy they labeled an anti-Muslim extremist. He also happens to be Muslim.

Five Years

That’s how old the IRS scandal turned today. Nothing of significance has been done other than Lerner quitting.

Gun Porn


Franchi LAW12

June 13, 2018


The Second Amendment Foundation is at it again:

A circuit court judge in Lake County, Illinois has granted an injunction against the Chicago suburb of Deerfield, blocking the village from enforcing a ban on so-called assault weapons, and handing a victory to the Second Amendment Foundation.

That’s very good news.

Weaponized government

Barack Obama weaponized the government for use against his political opponents. The IRS, Operation Chokepoint, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, etc. He was, of course, planning on handing that over to Hillary. Oops.

Apparently, weaponizing the government is just what democrats do: Unable to Ban Guns, Lawmakers Want to Weaponize the ATF Against Gun Dealers

As to their big plan:

Ostensibly, the “Keeping Gun Dealers Honest Act” (a name that maintains the congressional tradition of pompous bullshit) is aimed at “gun dealers who engage in illegal sales practices,” which is to say it’s supposed to make it more illegal to do illegal stuff. This isn’t a new practiceRepresentatives Ted Deutch (D Fla), Jim Langevin (D R.I.), and Gwen Moore (D Wis.) are hardly alone among lawmakers in thinking that what the country with the highest incarceration rate in the world (although we should take a few countries’ official numbers with a grain of salt) needs is more people behind bars. And these three are also in good company in thinking that augmenting legal penalties with arbitrary harassment is the key to a better world.

Let’s make it illegaler!