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August 28, 2016

But gun ownership is on the decline

That’s what the anti-gunners have parroted for years now. It’s untrue. Someone is buying all these guns. Or are gun nuts just buying more? No. Gun ownership rises to 44% of all homes.

And that’s just those that would admit to a random person asking.

That’s pretty weird

Unusual magazine malfunction.



Orlando machine gun event stirs controversy

First ‘graph:

An event where the public will get an opportunity to shoot a semi-automatic gun is being criticized by some.

Well, which is it?

And with no sense of irony whatsoever

Seen at Time:

Burkini Sales Go Up 200 Percent Since French Ban: No Man Can Tell Us What to Wear

Well, ok.

Quote of the day


Speaking of libertarian, I wish the Libertarians would run libertarians again. Instead of gun-banning tax and spenders that drank the Glowball Warmening Kool Aid..

Related from NRA: Libertarian VP Candidate William F. Weld Continues to be Anti-Gun

Gun Porn

Beretta Model 1923

August 26, 2016

Sometimes those things that only happen in other cities happen in your city

A local police officer, responding to a domestic violence call, was shot and killed yesterday. He had a wife and three kids. The community is pulling together with fundraisers and a vigil is scheduled for tonight.

Another gun maker in Tennessee

Vantage LLC will be investing $5M and creating 100 jobs in Nashville. They make shotguns, apparently.

Uhm, yeah

Seen at Drudge:


Cho kidding

Well, she has to try to be edgy. Otherwise people would realize how lacking in talent she is. This is an attempt to be relevant, I think.

Under the bus

Coddle up to the gun banners and that’s where they’ll throw you.

August 25, 2016

Black Gun Owners Matter

A movement to educate the black community about guns and gun rights. Excellent.

You guys could also talk to Rick and Kenn.

Only the police should have guns

The LA Times:

Seeking to stem the tide of gun thefts, state lawmakers on Wednesday sent the governor a bill that would require law enforcement officers and holders of concealed weapon permits to lock them up.

Specifically, anyone who leaves a firearm in a car would need to put it in the trunk or in a locked container out of plain view.

Violations would be an infraction subject to a fine of up to $1,000.

The security measure is currently required for most civilians but excludes police officers and those licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) said his bill expands those covered by the law because several handguns have been stolen out of police vehicles and used in deadly crimes.

Clearly, a stupid law. Unusual to add police to such stupid laws as they are typically exempted.

Quote of the day

Kevin D. Williamson:

These people are parasites. They make: nothing. They create: nothing. They produce: nothing. But they feel perfectly justified they positively glow with moral frisson standing between the people who create and build and the people who benefit from those creations. And they dont just stand there: They stand there with their hands out.

It’s true of most politicians.

Good for Christie

He vetoed a stupid gun control bill and urged that New Jersey should go the other direction and respect the second amendment rights of its citizens.

Partners in the drug trade

There’s a ridiculous call from some senator to regulate guns like cigarettes. Bill runs down what the government actually does regarding cigarettes and why that won’t work.

Gun Porn


August 24, 2016

What’s your home defense gun choice?

Massad Ayoob would like to know. I have four various M&P9s in particular places. And quick access to an AR-15.

But they have all that gun control

That’s why the bad guys had to use grenades

There’s also some AK 47s

Only the government should have guns

The US lost hundreds of thousands of guns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Schrdingers Gun

A look at the convoluted restrictions in the MA AG’s unilateral decision to change the gun laws. At least they figured out they needed to finally add the term “rimfire” to their 22 caliber bit.


Mexico wants the US to reinstate the assault weapons ban and asked congress to do so. Did they think about asking congress to pass a law saying the ATF can’t smuggled guns into Mexico?

Gun Porn

Dirty Harry Would Approve

Handheld .50cal

Social Justice The Musical

I legit LOLd:

August 23, 2016

Illegal silencers

A man in Ohio was busted for having nearly 200 of them. He claims they were muzzle brakes. I wonder what they looked like?

Update: Thanks to Farm Dad, it likely is this:


Update 2: Ebay listing now gone. But was called See and See or some such.

Update 3: Screen grab:


How times have changed

In the fight against the MA AG’s unilateral decision to make thousands of people criminals by redefining the law, Smith and Wesson has ponied up a half a million:

Among Healeys critics is Springfield-based gun maker Smith & Wesson.

Earlier this month, CEO James Debney said the company made a $500,000 contribution to the Connecticut-based National Shooting Sports Foundation, a firearms industry association, to help with its voter registration and education campaign.

Debney said the company made the contribution on behalf of law-abiding firearm owners of Massachusetts, who have so recently been denied their fundamental rights through arbitrary government action that threatens to turn lawful gun owners and dealers into criminals.

The foundation is considering challenging Healeys actions in court.

I guess I’ll have to add another Smith to The Morrissey.

Advice that might save your life

From Tam:

Once the cops have been called, you don’t need to be running around outside with a gun in your hand.

Read it all. One time, I had put alarms in some houses after a spate of copper thefts. An alarm went of at OMG thirty and the police were notified, as was I. I grabbed a holstered gun and headed that way. And, after a few miles down the road, thought that having that gun on my hip probably wasn’t the best idea. I called the police to tell them I was going to be there, what I was driving, what I was wearing, and THAT I HAD A HOLSTERED GUN. They were expecting to see me and nothing bad happened.

And I agree with Tam on those targets. Cool gut shot, bro:


The TSA at work

They detained a 9 year old because he had a pacemaker.

News you can use

Ways to get creative with target practice

Obviously, compensating for the size of his penis

Police: 91-year-old shoots attempted robbery suspect outside Eastpointe Rite Aid

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