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October 23, 2018

Stack On Safes south of the border

They closed their US plants and moved to Mexico:

A spokesman for Alpha Guardian, parent company of Stack-On, told the Chicago Tribune that the move is due to new tariffs imposed on raw materials imported from China.

Trump’s tariffs are not very good for certain businesses.

Of my two safes, one is a Stack On.

Purple Wave

Here in Tennessee, we’re having record midterm election turnout. The last midterm election, about 30K people voted on the first day of early voting. This year, about 120K did. For comparison, in 2016, about 140K turned out for day one. Do I think it’s a blue wave or a red wave? Yes. I think both sides are highly motivated to get out the vote. Tennessee is likely safely red. But in other states, I have no idea.


Obama compares Trump to a tin pot dictator. Yeah, the guy who targeted his political opponents with the IRS and who tried to shutter businesses he didn’t approve of by using the FDIC calls someone a tin pot dictator.

Gun Porn

Smith & Wesson 76

October 22, 2018

Life in the future

Took my son to a soccer tournament this weekend. On the way to one of the games, we needed a quick bite. He wanted chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. We had time to sit down so we ate in the restaurant. We walked in and there were about 6 kiosks where people could order without a cashier. They just enter their order on the screen, pay, and it’s delivered to their table. The lines were backed up 2 to 3 deep and consisted of mostly youngsters and millenials. However, the only cashier had no line at all. We walked right up to her, ordered, and got our food.

Not sure why none why they’d wait for a kiosk rather than order from a human.

Gun control ranking

It doesn’t rank very high on a list of issues people are concerned with.

Lying to get elected

I concur

News you can use

6 Tips to Storing Your Firearm in a Car.

Here are my 6 tips:

1. Don’t
2. Don’t
3. Don’t
4. Don’t
5. Don’t
6. Don’t

Finally, that gun control is working

New York City Had Its First Weekend Without A Shooting In 25 Years

Still a ways to go

Majority in U.S. Now Oppose Ban on Assault Rifles. Currently, it’s 57% to 40%.

Gun lawsuits

Sig is suing Glock, claiming it’s current run of pistols infringe on a SIG Sauer breechblock patent. Glock has released a statement explaining the suit.


CNN is pushing the narrative that US culture is responsible for the Crimean school shooting. Actual quote:

As Russians struggle to come to terms with a horrific US-style school shooting in Crimea, which has left at least 20 people dead and dozens injured, Kremlin-controlled media are blaming the “corrupting influence” of the West for inspiring the attack.

Emphasis added for those that need to be told that.

Gun Porn



October 18, 2018


Have a look at this graph from Yahoo “News”:

Everyone seems to be doing better, right? What headline would you go with? Well, if you’re Rick Newman, you go with:

The rich-poor gap is getting worse under Trump

But gun control is a winning issue, they said

Then why is Everytown for Gun Safety shifting its ad focus to abortion, health care and raising taxes.

News maybe some of you can use

Concealed Carry for Fat Guys!

It’s still illegal


Vietnam War hero sentenced to 7 years for decades-old rifle purchase: report

It’s a pretty heart-wrenching story, to be sure. But there is no NFA exception for 70 year old veterans.

Life in the future

Kleenex to rebrand ‘mansize’ tissues after gender complaints

I mean, it’s not like men, on average, have larger hands or anything.

The future is stupid.

An article I didn’t think I’d see at the NRA Blog

Handling Medication Restrictions While Traveling

Gun Porn

Maxim Defense PDW Brace. An adjustable pistol brace. And another way to hack NFA laws.

October 17, 2018

Local election stuff

I early voted today. Not sure what this means but I asked the poll worker what turnout had been like. She said it was the largest turnout for the first day she’d seen.

The next thing I noticed is the local talk radio ads. There are all manner of ads for Marsha Blackburn that aren’t ran by her campaign. All of Phil Bredesen’s ads are ran by his campaign. Not sure what that really means, either. Other than PACs are favoring Blackburn.

Another NRA attack

Someone is advocating the Boy Scouts ditch the NRA and start their own firearm safety program.

Get your popcorn

The Brady Campaign to Cling to Relevancy is suing the FBI because a mass shooter passed their background check.

I don’t know who to root for here.

I hope he does something about it


Trump Slams Very Unfair Drug Sentences

The presidents comments could improve the prospects for federal penal reform.

But mass shootings are an American thing

An attack at a college kills 19. Unpossible. Russia has all those restrictive gun laws.

First, there was Glock the book

And now, Glock the movie. Some interesting tidbits in the article.

Gun Porn

Toggle-Locked Orphan: the Benelli B76

Range Review: Crimson Trace Lasersaddle. Seems like an odd product for a derpy gun.

October 16, 2018

Knife Bleg Update: Initial impressions of the Emerson Commander

After mulling my options, I went with the Emerson Commander. It’s a quality knife. The blade is very well made and feels less, I dunno, Samurai-swordy than the Spyderco. It opens smoothly either by using the Wave or with the thumb. A few pros:

Good weight for a knife that large.

I like that it’s constructed with Phillips head screws instead of those little torx/alan types that, when they are small enough for knife construction, tend to strip.

About the only con I have with the knife is that the body is not tapped for screws so that one can move the carry clip for left pocket carry.


Tam laments their recent demise.

As a kid, we got their catalog twice per year. And my sister and I would argue over who got it first. See, we’d thumb through it, take a pen, and mark the toys we wanted for Christmas. I spent many, many childhood hours looking through those catalogs, imagining how awesome Christmas was going to be.

Lying to win

Senator McCaskill is running for reelection. She supports all the gun control. Only, she doesn’t want to tell anybody that because it’s a losing issue:

People just cant know that. MO Sen. McCaskill Hides Agenda Including semi-automatic rifle ban from Moderate Voters, Staffers Reveal in Undercover Video it could hurt her ability to get elected.