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September 16, 2014

NFL as culture war

I used to watch NFL football. Then, after tale after tale of players getting arrested and it became the National Felon League, I sorta stopped and half-assed paid attention to it. I mean, I’d watch the Denver Mannings (previously the Indianapolis Mannings) but otherwise, I only watched it if it happened to be on where I was. Then, that lickspittle clown Bob Costas decided that football was where we should discuss gun control. And other things:

Domestic violence is now the big thing since Rice decked his now wife. And warrants coverage.

Some guy took a switch to his kid, which is a southern thing – heck, I’ve had to go pick my own switch off a tree a few times in my life. That is child abuse. And warrants coverage.

October is NFL wears pink month for breast cancer awareness. Show of hands, who in the world is actually unaware of breast cancer?

All the concussion, violent sport, men are brutes nonsense.

And the Redskins should change their name because it’s racist nonsense that almost exactly zero people give a fuck about. And warrants coverage.

I watch football because I like it. Not to hear self-righteous idiots blather about social issues when their only job qualification is they used to play the game or that they look good in a suit. Shut the fuck up.

I’m done with the NFL but may keep up with the %city% Mannings. And don’t ruin college football for me.

But CA is A rated by gun control groups

Man shoots at children at ice cream truck in southern CA

Temple index?

I don’t get it

The filmography of guns

Pretty cool piece.

Firebird Precision TAC-12

If you want a shotgun that has the same manual of arms as your AR

Dobyns v. USA

Jay Dobyns is vindicated.

Prior stuff here.

Another frivolous suit

Via Sebastian, the Brady Campaign To Get Mentioned In Media are suing BulkAmmo because, err, reasons. The case makes no sense and, since the Brady Campaign To Grab Headlines lost their Armslist suit because it was the dumbest thing anyone had ever seen, I’d go with counter-suing them.

Congrats to Tam

Dead tree, baby! Dead tree.

Gun Porn

Suppressed MK7

So, if you look through it, will you have a seizure?

Madsen M50 SMG

September 15, 2014

Gun used to save someone

And anti-gunners are mad that someone would dare to have a gun at a football game.

I’m starting to think I can just call the press and say “Zimmerman” and they’ll show up

Another bullshit media lynching of George Zimmerman

Just following orders

When citizens know their rights, this happens. I’d have left much sooner.

Gordon Ball: Tea Party Democrat? No, he’s a liar

I heard an ad on the local talk radio from an unknown running for senator. His ad had all the tea party stuff like common core is bad, low taxes, less government, pro business, balanced budget and maybe a pro-gun thing. And I thought that, well, the primary is over. Who is this guy? Some tea party upstart running as an independent. No, it turns out he’s just a democrat who’s probably lying. Here’s his webpage.

Democrats are so desperate in Tennessee, they act like they’re in the tea party.

Taking pants-shitting hysterics to a new level

So, Candice Bernd is butthurt that the NRA hosts a police shooting competition. Because, you know, you want to turn police loose with guns and not know how to shoot them. I kid, she’s butthurt because the NRA is hosting it.

Nobody “wants” an AK

But it’ll do


Most searched porn term by state. Someone should do one of those map thingies.

Gun Porn

1955 Smith & Wesson K-22 Combat Masterpiece and a 1957 Smith & Wesson Model 34 Kit Gun

1911 add on

They all look alike

September 14, 2014

The NYT points out that the assault weapons nonsense is a myth

So, why did they lie about it for years?

The NRA says we should probably be leery of these sudden changes in anti-gun people.

Wish I could have made it

Glenn: The Tennessee Law Review’s new Second Amendment symposium issue

In metal, does the bass matter?

I guess it depends. It does here.

Constructive possession and Sig

Sig made a muzzle device that featured unenclosed baffles. ATF said it was a suppressor. A judge said to be a suppressor it had to actually suppress. Now, ATF is hitting the constructive possession angle, because you could enclose it.

Well, I have some PVC, wire mesh and some foam. I’m clearly in constructive possession.

A holster for off body carry

A problem I don’t have but interesting to know.

Posse Comitatus

Child porn charge overturned because a Navy guy scanned all computers in a state. Frightening.

The sillier side of prepping

If it’s the end of the world, I’m having a drink:


$10K is a decent chunk of money

How To Get a Family of Four Prepped for The Coming Collapse – In The Quickest and Easiest Way Possible

Gun Porn

God’s own pistol caliber

Angry little garden gnome

September 12, 2014

The funniest thing I’ve seen today, in that not funny way

The Navy sends doctors to a Chicago and LA hospitals to prepare them for treating gun wounds:

Because the Navy doesn’t have any trauma training facilities in the U.S., military medical teams can’t get experience dealing with penetrating wounds, inserting IVs in emergencies and other techniques common to combat areas, said Bernard, a 37-year-old lieutenant commander who has been deployed to Afghanistan. He’s a trauma surgeon at the Lovell Federal Heath Care Center in North Chicago, where the Navy teams work when they aren’t at Stroger.

Launched this past spring, the program is one of two of its kind in the country. The other is at the Los Angeles County-University of South California Medical Center.

Navy doctors, nurses and medical corpsmen rotate through Stroger because its trauma unit is one of the busiest in the U.S., a result of the nearly constant gun violence in some troubled neighborhoods on Chicago’s South and West sides.

They should ban guns there or something.

ATF: Oops, we didn’t mean to approve that machine gun

So, someone took the ATF ruling that trusts aren’t people and applied to make a machine gun. ATF sent them an approved form 1. Apparently, ATF thinks this ruling only applies to some things and not others and called the guy asking him to send it back. Personally, I’d lawyer up and tell them to fuck off. I wouldn’t build the gun until talking to a good lawyer but definitely tell them to fuck off.

Public education

English teacher admits she’s illiterate. Well, I don’t think so. But a good read.

Stupid laws by stupid people

In WA, a proposed bill would criminalize loaning your gun to someone at the firing range.

Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.

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