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December 11, 2017

The house passes reciprocity. Every body freak out.

Ah, the PSH is flowing. And I’m smiling.

First up, Governor Cuomo:

The appalling House vote for concealed carry reciprocity puts all New Yorkers at risk. This legislation would let individuals from out-of-state convicted of certain crimes carry hidden, loaded weapons in New York, in violation of New York’s much better, safer law. Only the NRA could propose something so ill-considered, dangerous and vile.

Lies in bold. Next, we have Bob Menendez (D-Ranged) threatening to break the law by unlawfully arresting those who would legally carry in his state.

And the MA AG has a whopper:

Reciprocity may be next deadly loophole in our nations gun laws

Look here, Sparky, I don’t have a fancy law degree not is profession in the law, like you. But a law is not a loophole.

Ah, the sweet, sweet tears.

There’s been a lot of this around here lately

Active shooter training comes to Tennessees Capitol Hill. Some locals were offering training to churches recently too.

Who doesn’t?

The U.S. Army Wants ‘Bullets’ That Can Chase a Tank or a Fighter Jet


Video of lightning in 4K at 100K FPS.


A Glock that fires when holstered. After market parts installed by the owner or junk in the holster?

On the 1911

You know I’m a fan of the black plastic people poppers in the S&W and Glock variety. And I just don’t really think the 1911 is a good carry gun. I’m not a fan because it has less capacity, is heavy, and I’ve seen too many of them go tango uniform. But I think this is absolutely correct: The Best 1911?

Gun Porn

vz58 shortie

A Victorian Bullpup Rifle

December 07, 2017

House passes National Reciprocity

Yay. And on to the Senate, where I have my doubts.

It has attached to it the Fix NICS amendment, and there are apparently some concerns that it expands the list of prohibited persons. But that claim doesn’t appear to be valid.

And also HAHA!

I had a bunch of links to the PSH about this bill but it got to be too much. But you can get a taste at The Gun Feed.

Where Great Britain Used To Be

Man turns in a Clint Eastwood movie prop during a gun amnesty.

Life in the future

Ya think: Forcing kid to masturbate for cops in sexting case was wrong, court finds

The future is stupid.

Gun Porn

More belt fed

7 round GP100

December 05, 2017

The banned played on

Justice and ATF are looking to ban bump stocks:

Possessing firearm parts that are used exclusively in converting a weapon into a machine gun is illegal, except for certain limited circumstances, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) said in a joint statement. Today we begin the process of determining whether or not bump stocks are covered by this prohibition.

That whole Vegas shooting thing has really dropped of the radar, hasn’t it? Wonder why.

Guns exploding

Seems there’s a suit against Savage because one of their front-stuffers tends to get explody. Now, first things first, I know very little about muzzle loaders. But it seems with that type of gun, there’s a lot of points in the loading process that could break down. Such as using too much powder, not seating a bullet, etc. Again, I know nothing about muzzle loaders other than what they are. Anyone experience something like that?

There’s derp

And then there’s dangerous derp.

News you can use

The Weekend Knowledge Dump. Go forth and be clueful.


A look into the mind of the other side. As I have said before: There simply cannot be peace between our people and its entirely because of different mentalities, world views and ways of thinking.

Gun Porn

A look at Remington’s magazine fed shotgun.

December 04, 2017

Enforcing the laws on the books

The feds are looking at going after the guns of 4,000 people who passed background checks but should not have. This will be interesting to watch unfold.

But of course

Blame the victims: Gun theft from legal owners is on the rise, quietly fueling violent crime across America

Yes. But they are fun to shoot.

Are Revolvers Pass?

I have a revolver. A Ruger Match Champion. It is hands-down my favorite gun to shoot at the range. I’d never seriously consider carrying it every day. It’s heavy and only holds six shots. The M&P is fairly light and holds 18 BBs.

I’ve considered a pocket revolver but I’m thinking a single stack 9mm would be better.

Life in the future

Skynet smiles: Google’s AI Built Its Own AI That Outperforms Any Made by Humans

The future is scary.


There will be a floor vote on National Reciprocity. But:

However, as predicted by Rep. Tom Massie (R-KY) the Fixed NICS bill has been merged with concealed carry reciprocity. It is now Title II of HR 38. Massie goes on to say that when the bill hits the Senate, carry reciprocity will be dropped and only the Fix NICS portion approved. Then given different bills have passed the House and Senate it will go to a conference committee who will only report out the Fix NICS portion of the bill. Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV) has offered an amendment to the bill being considered in the Rules Committee that would drop the carry portion of the bill.

Gun Porn

Longslide life

An AR under 5 pounds.

November 30, 2017

Registration leads to confiscation

Hawaii has a gun registry. They also have a registry of medical marijuana users. So, you know where this is going? Yup, people who show up on both lists got a letter from the police saying turn in the guns.

The science is settled

Dogs really are smarter than cats. Having two of each, it’s my experience that both are smartish but in different ways. Dogs, being social, are more in tune with social cues from other dogs and humans. Cats don’t give a shit. If you point, a dog will look where you are pointing. A cat won’t give a shit. At most, it will sniff your finger.

If you leave the house for two days and leave your cat enough food for three days, when you get back, there will be food left. If you do the same for the dog, when you get back he’ll have not eaten for two days.


National reciprocity cleared the judicial committee. I’m not going to get my hopes up about it just yet but progress is progress.

CMP 1911 prices

The CMP general manager says they’ll cost around $1,000.

From my cold, dead, off-road hands

When Will They Outlaw Pickup Trucks?

Gun Porn

Heh: Stoner-Gewehr

November 29, 2017

One of those is mine

Gun Buy-Back Scalability.

Inherited it from my wife’s grandmother.

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