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August 17, 2018

Help a friend out

Longtime gun and civil rights blogger Kevin Baker, of The Smallest Minority, is having some health issues. His family could use your help. Go here if you’d like to help them out.

I’ve known Kevin for a long time. He’s been to my house. He’s a fine man.

August 16, 2018


The media: “we are not executing a coordinated campaign against Trump”

Also, the media: “here’s a coordinated campaign against Trump”

IIRC, Trump did not call the media the “enemy of the people”. He called “fake news” that.

Las Vegas shooting stuff

Apparently, ATF was not allowed to inspect the shooter’s weapons. This, according to Len Savage, is not good:

ATF did not disclose that they had not examined the firearms prior to promulgating the rule, firearms designer and Historic Arms, LLC President Len Savage notes. And now that the comment period is closed should they go forward with this rule under the Administrative Procedure Act that information can not be used in a court challenge because it was not submitted prior to closing of comments.

DOJ is manipulating the APA to make sure that information will NOT be used to shoot down the rule, Savage concludes. Does ATF prosecute its firearms cases like it promulgates rules, without ever looking at the evidence? ATF is currently attempting to criminalize an industry and a large swath of the population and NEVER looked at any evidence? They claim they were not allowed’? By whom?


Yesterday, I attributed a quote to Glenn Beck. Apparently, he was quoting Pen Jillette.

Commies gonna commie

Elizabeth Warren has a really terrible idea (what’s new?):

Warren’s “Accountable Capitalism Act” would require that corporations that earn more than $1 billion in revenue a year (note “revenue,” not “profits”) would need a federal “charter” in order to operate. This charter would obligate these companies to consider all “stakeholders,” not just shareholders, when making decisions. The bill would also require these corporations to permit employees to elect 40 percent of the company’s board of directors; a super majority of 75 percent of directors and shareholders would have to approve political donations. (Gee, I wonder if somebody will propose something similar for unions?) Shareholders would be permitted to sue the company if they felt its actions were driven purely by profit and did not reflect the desires of its many “stakeholders.”

The justification for all this is the common, economically sketchy claim of income inequality; that the rich are getting richer and that wages are stagnating. Warren complains in a Wall Street Journal commentary that shareholders have “extracted” $7 trillion in profits since 1985 that “might otherwise have been reinvested in the workers who helped produce them.”

I think we should start a campaign to email her books on basic economics.

Gun Porn

Revolving shotgun

August 15, 2018


The Parkland Shooter Used 5-round Magazines

Quote of the day

A co-worker was listening to Glenn Beck who said something to the effect of:

A hundred years ago, our biggest problems were not enough calories and not enough information. Today, we have too many calories and too much information.

The latter being a reference to social media and the 24 hour media.

Life in the future

Remember when Space Force sounded dumb? Well, Putin may have beaten us to the punch:

U.S. Says Small Russian Satellite A Space Weapon
Maneuvering satellite part of Moscow space warfare buildup

Russia has deployed a suspicious satellite the United States says is part of Moscow’s plans to attack orbiting satellites in a future conflict, a State Department official revealed in Geneva on Tuesday.

Yleem Poblete, assistant secretary of state for arms control, verification, and compliance, made the accusation in a speech declaring Moscow is promoting a draft treaty aimed at banning arms in space while advancing an array of space weaponry.

That’s a little scary.

Well, yeah

CBS Minnesota:

Minnesota set a record last year for the number of gun background checks the FBI conducted in the state.

More people are carrying guns than ever before, but the crime rate remains relatively low.

Funny how that’s how it always works out.

A public service

Well, partially. He should delete them all: VODA DELETED ALL HIS VIDEOS BUT ONE

August 14, 2018

Well, OK

Han shot first. With a Glock.

Increasingly, this is turning into a nothingburger

The whole NRA is overrun with Russians tidbit doesn’t seem to be about much. Apparently, everyone democrats don’t like has Russian ties.

Boating accident?

A Democrat running for governor of Texas has apparently lost a gun that she was issued when sheriff. Only law enforcement should have guns, right?

More like this please

Seen at Reason:

West Virginia’s House of Delegates has impeached all four of the state’s Supreme Court justices, who allegedly abused their authority and used taxpayer funds for personal gain.

An actual response to .gov corruption? I am shocked.

Gun Porn


August 13, 2018

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?


She ran on responsible gun regulation, now she’s accused of killing her campaign treasurer

He was shot, of course. And it’s notable that her party affiliation is down there at the bottom.

Quote of the day


We live in entirely separate realities.

Sort of. Only one of you actually lives in reality.

They probably should have used different material

Local news printed a gun and shot it


They have all the gun control: Two kids among 12 injured by SHOTGUN in Manchester shooting rampage at street party

Gun history

Semi-Auto Trigger Tech: DA/SA to Striker-Fired

I don’t recall seeing it then either

The gun control study that really happened and you never saw


The March on the NRA generated a whopping $70 on gofundme.

Always thought the oppressors would be government

But tech is doing a bang-up job: Online Retail Platform Terminates Cody Wilson Account Without Explanation

Uhm, OK

Headline: SAS sniper annihilates ISIS commander with ONE SHOT from over a mile away with .50 cal gun

No go have a look at his “sniper rifle”.

Gun Porn

Range Review: EAA Witness P Match Pro

August 09, 2018

News you can use

Riot Survival Compendium

Targeting political enemies

The latest:

New York and other states are targeting the NRA’s bottom line

Several states are examining how the NRA makes money on gun insurance policies, and New York is warning banks not to do business with the gun group.

I always thought the Carry Guard insurance seemed a bit, well, unusual. And I’m not certain how effective it would be. Regardless, being targeted by a sitting governor doesn’t sit well with me.

Life in the future

Gun Control Becomes Speech Control

Clinging to relevancy

The Brady Campaign To Remain Relevant claims 8 kids a day are killed by the made up term “familyfire”. They are, as you would likely guess, lying.