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December 21, 2014

Ruger 10 22 stock Cherry AK style

The things you see on Etsy:


A grip on the slide

Not sure how well this works. But I suppose there’s a market for it.

There’s also the Handi Racker.

What could possibly go wrong?

Gun control proponent suggests kids should steal their parents guns and take them to school:

If they weren’t lying, they’d have nothing to say

A deeper look at claim Georgia leads the nation in school shootings since Sandy Hook



Glad they have all that gun control

Two NY cops murdered in retaliation for Brown and Garner. Shockingly, law prevented him from owning a gun.

Makes me wonder

Some states are hard to do business in due to their stupid laws. Whether it’s Cali and their environmental laws fucking up cars or NY’s gun laws. Now, NY is butthurt because you can buy toy guns on

Leave it to the pornographers to stand up for speech

Larry Flynt to do porn parody of “The Interview”

Gun Porn

Shootey day

Ares Defense SCR Carbine

December 20, 2014

SHOT headliner OK with gun bans

Comedian Bill Engvall will perform at SHOT. Trouble is, he supports banning the most popular rifles in the country:

He also said in that video that he’ll compromise with people calling for an outright repeal of the Second Amendment and ban guns that shoot too many rounds that would ruin meat while hunting.

December 19, 2014

NFA dealer sentenced for tax reasons

Shouldn’t be surprising that a guy known for ripping people off also ripped of the government.

A civil rights victory

The right to arms for those who have been committed to a mental institution.

Atheists in office

In TN, that’s illegal. And someone is trying to change it.

Electronic Arms 10/22 Bullpup with Electric Trigger

A review. As seen on facebook, it may fire out of battery.


Obama says trying to censor movies is bad. And he would know since he tried to do it too. And, of course, this means we need more control of the internet.

Local gun sales

Spike this holiday season

Make your own splatter targets

Pretty neat.

December 18, 2014

Tuckable holsters suck

So says Lucas. They are a pain to set up but I’ve carried that way before with no problems.

George Zimmerman Speaks

Mas alerts us he appeared Armed America Radio.

Things that will get you killed in America

Watering your lawn.

Not paying taxes.


A man walked right past a Buffalo Wild Wings “no guns” sign and robbed the place with a gun.

First centerfire rifle

JT has his. Tam has hers.

Mine was a crappy Olympic Arms AR-15. It had an 11 inch barrel and one of those ridiculously long flash hiders on it that brought it up to 16 inches.

Bombing movies

Apparently, it’s a thing with the NORKs and unions.

Why stop at the manufacturer?

Because of symbolism. No one is suing the makers of the car he drove or the shoes he wore.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Fantasizing about shooting Wayne LaPierre.

The AP explains “stand your ground” laws

Well, tries to. They fail miserably on most points. “journalism”

Who don’t?

DOD wants bullet that can change direction after being fired

In Australia

Shockingly, Mr. Sudden Jihad Syndrome got his illegal gun illegally.

One Australian says lift bans and let the people defend themselves.

Gun Porn

New Beretta


Pedersen Device for M1903

December 17, 2014

Constructive possession

A man who can’t use his arms was in a car with others. The police pulled them over. The police found a gun in the car. And are charging the man who can’t use his arms with possession.

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