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September 20, 2017


That’s not retro. This is retro:

It is interesting how the general looks of ARs changes every five years or so. And what sorts of gizmos people slap on them.

$1M is a lot to pay for a piece of junk no one will use

There is a supposed “smart holster” and its designers won $1M for the design. Yeah, voice commands and RFID will work 100% of the time, even in stressful situations. NYPD officials presided in the judging. Make them carry one of these blocks of fail.

Via Sebastian, who notes:

But that holster is dangerous. Because the person who designed it likely knows nothing about guns or gun safety. Ironic, dont you think?

National reciprocity only if you have a permit from your state

Congress has taken up the issue it seems. However, if you can’t get a permit in your state (i.e., you live in MA, NY, MD and others), your out state permit doesn’t apply. TBolt explains.

.500 S&W Kaboom


Looks like he kept all his fingers though.

Making arms exports great again

Trump to ease rules on gun exports

Looks a little cumbersome to me

Surefire has a new watch out with a light designed for use in shooting a handgun. I would think a weapon-mounted light would be a better option.

Oh shut up

Such tolerance, diversity and no racism whatsoever: All White People Are Racist and Always Will Be


Headline: On duty, in uniform, suburban cops raffled off assault rifle

From the article:

[Police] were allowed to hawk $10 raffle tickets for a chance to win an AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle as a fund-raiser for their union. They also raffled off a Ruger 9mm handgun.

Well, which is it?

Gun Porn

Review: SIG Sauer P320 X-Carry Pistol

September 19, 2017

Heard around the house

My son is learning to cook. We started with Ramen noodles. He sets the pot of water on the stove, turns it on and stares at the pot. And this conversations happens:

Me: There’s an old saying that a watched pot never boils.

Number 2: That literally cannot possibly be true.

Me: Well, sure. But it really relays that it seems like water takes a long time to boil when you’re waiting on it.

Number 2: Then just say that.

He’s not wrong.

Sort of want

An integrally suppressed .50 caliber muzzle loader that is not a firearm and can be shipped right to your door. Via Tam, who notes:

That sound you hear is Diane Feinstein’s teeth grinding and Bloomberg’s distal sphincter slamming shut. Glorious!

If the price was about $400 cheaper, I’d buy one definitely. But a grand is a bit steep for a novelty.

Not valid in New Jersey.

Layers of editorial oversight

The increasingly irrelevant NY Post calls a Red Ryder BB gun an assault rifle.

Life in the future

Chinese sex doll rental service suspended amid controversy

The future is stupid.

Because they are not taught them

Americans Are Poorly Informed About Basic Constitutional Provisions.

More than a third can’t name a right protected by the first amendment.

Your caliber sucks

The Cartridge of the Century?

ATF on the AutoGlove: Nope

Mentioned the AutoGlove a bit back. It’s a contraption the pulls the trigger really fast. Well, the ATF has come out and said it’s not legal. It’s the same non-logic that lead to certain actuators being dubbed no go in the past.

Barring a shoulder holster, I don’t know

How in f#cks name do you shoot yourself in the SHOULDER???

I’m sure someone will get triggered by this statue

No, they won’t. They’re Russian:

Kalashnikov inventor gets statue in Russia

Today’s news of lasting significance

There will be a John Wick 3.

Gun Porn

Glock 19 with a flourish

Britains Silenced .45 ACP Commando Carbine

September 14, 2017

But they’re just peaceful protestors

And sometimes called activists in the press: Antifa Ramps It Up Now Openly Carrying Weapons and Communist Flags.

So, what caliber for riot?

Another illegal mayor

Another mayor against guns has resigned amid multiple accusations of child molestation.

Commies gonna commie

Can rabbit meat save Venezuela from going hungry?

Ah, end stage communism and the food is gone.

Well, be careful. Rabbit starvation is a thing.

Who knew Amazon could cause felonies?

Via Subguns, comes this:

That appears to be a full auto mod for an actual Glock pistol. Sold on Amazon. If you order one, expect to go to jail or at least have a nice chat with the ATF.

Gun Porn

DIY Magpod.

September 13, 2017

Don’t remove the stock from your gun in California

The Fresno Police Department, in a post on their facebook page, seems to be proud that they arrested some woman for possession of a short barreled rifle. The only problem:

The barrel is 18 inches. But it’s overall length is 26 inches. Oh and it’s a Ruger 10/22 with the stock removed. Stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, the suspect isn’t a saint. But that’s just dumb.

Use a holster and carry a proper carry gun

Carrying around your single action with a full chamber in a sack is a good way to get shot:

A gun carry permit holder accidentally shot himself inside a Clarksville restaurant Monday morning.

At around 9:25 a.m., witnesses said a man in his 70s entered the restaurant, was going to sit down on a stool and dropped a cloth bag on the floor, according to Clarksville Police spokesman Jim Knoll.

Witnesses heard a distinct “pop.” The man asked for an ambulance. When CPD officers arrived, a customer and Montgomery County Sheriffs Office deputy were holding the man and applying pressure to the gunshot wound to the abdomen, Knoll said.

But gun ownership is on the decline, they say

Poll: More Americans Have a Gun in Home Than Ever Before

For consistency, let’s apply it to all rights

Apply background checks for gun purchases to voting

And why not speech or religion?

Oh, come on, everyone’s curious

I wonder why:

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said documents retrieved from the 2011 Navy Seal raid that killed Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden would be released in “weeks”with the exception of one particular part of the haul, his pornography stash.

Is it because it’s bizarre or because it’s release might be distribution of something illegal?

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