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June 22, 2017

Suppressed Hi Point taken from arrested man in Pasadena

The story is here. Here’s a screen grab:

Yup, that is a suppressed Hi Point.

Speaking of gun control fail

The FBI’s report on the baseball shooting debunks the gun control talking points rather handily.

Gun control fail

20 years ago, I’d have never thought this would be the case.


Magazine clips

Novel idea

Rand Paul Proposes Giving Senators Time to Read It

NRA Carry Guard on the 1911 banned: We were wrong


In response to clear feedback surrounding the NRA Carry Guard Level I course announcement, we have modified the required firearm platforms as well as our site language to clearly articulate how firearms will be used in the class, said Jason Brown, NRA media relations manager, in an email to

Bottom line: our decision to not include 1911s and revolvers as primary firearms in our initial Level I course was a mistake, and we appreciate the feedback we have received from the firearms community, he added.

A new record

For longest sniper shot:

A sniper with Canadas elite special forces in Iraq has shattered the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in military history at a staggering distance of 3,540 metres.

O Canada.

Gun Porn

Ruger SP101 Match Champion

June 21, 2017

Moment of Zen

sammythedwarf mag dumping a full auto AK:

Philando Castile

The officer was found not guilty. It looked pretty cut and dry to me that the cop was out of line. But jurors tend not to convict cops. Meanwhile, claims that the NRA is shunning the second amendment martyr. I’m with JT on this: I am the NRA.

The NRA is being quite because the folks it caters to aren’t big on cop bashing, justified or otherwise. It’s simply a losing move to hitch their wagon to a BLM slant. Not that that’s what they’d do but that’s how some of the members would react. I’d bet money on that.

Happy ending

A burglar shot by his partner in crime:

Young was trying to carry out a big screen TV and dropped it when the woman yelled at the men and they started to run.

The other man fired a gun back toward the house and hit Young, Davis said.

In New Jersey

Good for him: Christie pardons 2 more out-of-staters on gun offenses


SilencerCo now has an online Form 1 service for your NFA transfers.

Gun Porn

InterArms G33/50

June 20, 2017

Shooting dry ice with a .50 cal

Cool (skip to 3:30 for the money shot):

In the war on drugs, the drugs are winning


I knew that the overdose situation was getting dire, but according to a spot I just caught on Today, Ohio is apparently on pace for ten thousand overdose deaths this year.

Wow. Kind of puts the alleged specter of gun violence into perspective.

VEPR now banned in the US

Because of new Russia sanctions:

It appears the U.S. Department Of Treasury has updated the sanction list in connection to the Russian Ukranian conflict, and as a result, VEPR rifles and shotguns have been added to the banned list.

Deal alert

NRA life membership for $600.

Gun Porn

Glock 34 all gussied up.

Brugger and Thomet USWA1 Pistols. I have no use for one but want one anyway.

June 19, 2017

In Tennessee

Hero homeowner holds escaped Georgia inmates at gunpoint until arrests

A civil rights victory

SCOTUS ruled that speech may not be banned just because it’s offensive.

Suppressed full auto 22 rifle


Oh shut up

Hillary Clinton Politicizes Wonder Woman Saying She Relates to Strong Woman Saving World from Disaster’

Gun Porn

Ultra-Violent Rodentblaster

Worlds Most Famous Gun on Display

June 16, 2017

NRA CarryGuard: Black plastic people poppers only as primary

From their course registration:

*NOTE: NRA Carry Guard Level One is designed for training with a semi-automatic handgun (Glock 19/17, Sig P226/P228 or equivalent). We will not allow revolvers or 1911s as your primary firearm in this class.

But they’re OK with it as a secondary:

You should bring a secondary firearm that you carry concealed, as well as a holster for such. We will run the course with a primary carry weapon and then run a course of fire with a secondary or back-up gun to evaluate the differences. Please bring at least 40 rounds of ammo appropriate for your carry firearm for this portion of the class. Revolvers, 1911s and/or subcompacts can be used for this portion of the class.

June 15, 2017

There went that narrative

Just kidding. The narrative is the same.

After a newsworthy shooting, the press often reports that the gun was an AR, AK, or assault rifle. Much like they did with yesterday’s shooting. Turns out, not so much:

In Belleville, Hodgkinson had purchased at least three guns, all from a local gun dealer, and had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, a source said. Among those three guns was an SKS assault rifle, the source said.

An SKS is an assault rifle? It’s as much an assault rifle as it is an assault pistol.

Your new anti-gun term made up by the media

Assault pistol.



I should practice this more

How to Shoot a Pistol One-Handed

I’ve noticed this too

Hospital Carry: the Next Frontier for the Right to Self-Defense.

Around here, it seems to be a pretty recent development at doctors’ offices too. My guess is that it is for insurance purposes.

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