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January 16, 2018

On Hawaii

I don’t have much to say about the incident other than it’s what government does. However, the October birth rate will probably set a record. I mean, you have 38 minutes. What do you do with the other 35? Hit the buffet.

January 15, 2018

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Terry McAuliffe wants you to know that he’d punch Trump:

Outgoing Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said Thursday that he would punch President Trump if he ever tried to get in my space.

McAuliffe likes his gun control.

The Vegas shooting kind of went away

Here’s the first I’ve seen on it in quite a while. Apparently, he had burner phones and bought a weapon sight from Amazon.

Polymer coated bullets


I loaded up 30 rounds as usual, and took them to the range with the chronograph. Zowie! 972 in the pistol and 1073 in the carbine. About 100-125 fps faster in the pistol and about 75 fps faster than I usually get from the carbine.


Chicago has all that gun control:

A candidate running for Illinois attorney general was robbed at gunpoint while he was taking promotional photos for his campaign Thursday afternoon in the Northwest Side ward where hes also the Democratic committeeman, according to his campaign manager and authorities.

Security Theater

The TSA at work:

Texas Tech University sophomore Diana Durkin faced backlash with Transportation Security Administration in the Houston Airport Security after throwing up the hand signal for Guns Up when she saw a fellow fan in the security check point line.

Well, OK

A holster with a built in fan. No, really.

Gun Porn

Favorite Gun for 2017

Review: Steyr L9-A1 Pistol

January 11, 2018

Trump administration loosening gun export regulations

From The Hill:

The Trump administrations expected plan to transfer the licensing of gun exports from the State Department to the Commerce Department has Democratic lawmakers and foreign policy advocates readying for a fight.

The proposal under review by the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) has yet to be made public, but experts fear it will lead to less oversight of commercial sales of assault weapons like submachine guns and flame throwers to foreign buyers.

Less oversight, they warn, could make it easier for deadly weapons to end up in the hands of terrorists and drug cartels.

Experts? And this:

The goal is to reduce regulatory burdens on manufacturers and exporters.

I have no problem with this.

Quote of the day

In comments, ExpatNJ quips:

Reminds me of the cold-war of the 55mph speed limit:
First, the Traffic G*ds gave us Radar Guns.
Then, the radio engineers gave us Radar Detectors.
Then, the Traffic G*ds gave us Radar Detector Detectors.
Then, the radio engineers gave us Radar Detector Detector Detectors.
Ultimately, vehicles could become so heavy, they would not go over 55mph anyway

That made me laugh.

The night they drove old Dixie down

Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede, a local dinner and a show, is dropping Dixie from its name.

Gun Porn

Grand Power CP 380

January 10, 2018

But of course

The only reason democrats support immigration is to bring in the votes of an underclass: LEAKED MEMO: DREAMers Are Critical To Dems Future Electoral Success

Rule 2

Well, it’s not exactly heartbreaking: Imad al-Alami, who is a key link between Gaza and Iran, reportedly shoots himself in the head while inspecting his gun

Don’t point guns at things you don’t want holes in.


Gun ownership rates and gun control laws still don’t have much bearing on your state’s gun homicide rate

Or I could buy 3 P-Mags

+5 extensions for P-Pags. They look like a great way to aid in re-loads. But $40 a pop and I have about 100 AR-magazines, that seems a bit high.

The party of involuntary servitude

Some democrat wants people to serve a year in service of the country.

The party of smaller government

Trump wants to bring back earmarks.

Sessions wants to crack down on state legalized marijuana.

Gun Porn

9mm AK that takes Glock mags.

January 09, 2018

Internet gun sales

NRA lets us know that the GAO was told by anti-gun congress critters to study how easy it was to buy a gun online while being a prohibited person. Turns out, not that often:

In yet another embarrassment for the gun control lobby, a government investigation of online gun sales designed to determine whether private sellers would knowingly sell a firearm to an individual prohibited from possessing one determined that no, actually, they would not. In 72 attempts undertaken over 2 years, undercover agents trying to buy guns through readily-accessible Internet sites failed exactly 100% of the time to complete a sale when the seller had reason to believe the buyer was prohibited or lived in another state.

And from the actual report:

Tests performed on the Surface Web demonstrated that private sellers GAO contacted on gun forums and other classified ads were unwilling to sell a firearm to an individual who appeared to be prohibited from possessing a firearm. Of the 72 attempts agents made to purchase firearms on the Surface Web, 56 sellers refused to complete a transaction: 29 sellers stated they would not ship a firearm and 27 refused after the disclosure of the undercover identities stated prohibited status. Furthermore, in 5 of these 72 attempts, the accounts GAO set up were frozen by the websites, which prevented the agents from using the forums and attempting to make a purchase.

The stupid

Economic illiterate and general leech on society Bernie Sanders wants Trump to know that some patriotic millionaires want taxes raised. As is pointed out there, the Treasury accepts donations. So, write a check.

And, Bernie, how much extra do you donate to the Treasury every year?

Will it die in the Senate?

The House passed concealed carry reciprocity.

If you’re going to carry a gun, it’s probably a good idea

The EDC Tourniquet: Development and Application.

I don’t carry one on my person. I do have a couple at home and one in each vehicle in the first aid kit. I’m fond of the CAT tourniquet. The Army uses it too.


NewsObserver: With resources scarce, ATF struggles to inspect gun dealers

Too busy shutting down businesses, making up the law as they go, and bureaucrating. Maybe the should focus on processing forms?

Security cameras



Tam: Nostalgia doesn’t belong in your CCW gun.

I found some old Black Talons and Hydrashocks in very used Sig P228 magazine. I keep some of them around as a novelty. But I did shoot a few.


EPA set to reduce staff 50% in Trump’s first term. Now, let’s get on other .gov agencies.

January 08, 2018

The future of gun rights

And the history of gun rights on the internet make up this great read over at Sebastian’s. I can really disagree with in it. It’s important Trump get at least one more SCOTUS pic.

Also, that post reminded me this blog turned 15 back in August. I don’t think I mentioned that on that day. It can get its learner’s permit.

I’m certain that got his attention

Woman fires shots at husband, ‘To make him listen to me’, Arizona police say

Delusional SJWing

The sheer prejudice in two articles about blacks owning guns and trans people owning guns is rather ironic. Who wants to disarm them both? Democrats.